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April Recap

Self Isolation, quarantine, COVID-19 ... that is the end of my April recap.

Have not been doing much, but I am sure just like everyone else my mind has been wandering. Mainly because I am still processing the shit show that is my life. If you have not read my last month recap here it is : February, March Recap

I love how many of you reached out to me after reading my February, March Recap. It was so sweet :)

A lot of you messaged me saying " damn you can not make that stuff up" , "hope you are doing better, I am sorry you went through all that!" etc... So many sweet messages and direct messages . Thank you for that!

This month has been less dramatic, except for my mind which has been overthinking like crazy. It is also such a crazy time in the world, so much uncertainty going on in the world and in everyone's personal life.

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Here is my April Recap along with my self isolation thoughts:

On My Mind..Work, Starting a Business???

I have had a lot of time to think. Anytime I think about going back to work - that unhealthy, toxic environment my body gets a rush of this nasty feeling. I feel anxious like I never have before. It is very up in the air as to if I have to go back, when I have to go back. The company I work for had a scandal in the news for being a non-essential business and remaining open during COVID-19. After having reporters outside of company doors they closed down SOME stores. Therefore, I do not know when they will open up again, if the closures will be extended. In my opinion it should be extended, clearly COVID-19 where I am is getting worse, so companies need to stay closed.

Starting a business.. I am so creative but also so practical. When it comes to business, I think of all the aspects, how it will function, vendors, money/funding blah blah... When I am bored I always go back to the idea of starting a business. However, the problem I have always had is what business? I want something that people will need, that I will love to do 20 years from now, that is profitable.

I spent a week stressing that I should be doing something during this time. Something to benefit my future. I realized that I do not need to start a business right now, especially if I do not want too. I started this blog because it is what feeds all my passions, helps me to explore all my passions and I just do not want to start a business at this moment.

I have noticed a lot of people I talk to on Instagram have this same feeling. The feeling that they have to use this time to start a business, side hustle. Really, if you do not want to, do not have the drive to, that is okay. This time can be used for a million other things, you do not have to have a side hustle going.

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Self Isolation

Like I have said I have been overthinking. I have also been baking a lot more which is something I have always loved to do. I am learning more and more how to cook. I could always cook, but I am trying new things out. My mum is teaching me a few recipes, what certain spices are. So I am coming out of this quarantine with a new skill.

Some of my Recipes for you guys to try out:

I do not really workout. I feel like I just workout through the day. I will watch t.v. and do squats. I will cook and do lunges. I go for walks with Lola. I find that keeps me feeling better, to be moving throughout the day, instead of just doing an hour of a workout.

I do find myself getting so bored at home. I am waiting for some books to come in the mail. The weather is kind of getting warm which is great because I can hangout in the backyard, do some gardening. It is sad though, as the weather gets warmer I want to sit at a patio with a friend. I want to go on a hike with Lola. To go into new cute shops, wander around Toronto. It sucks because our summers are so short. To not be able to enjoy it in that way sucks. However, there is a bigger picture and to stay home is something that has to be done in order to save lives. So me sitting at home is the least I can do during this horrible time.

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Miss Lola, her health has always been up and down. She has this ear infection that keeps coming back. Also, it is allergy season, she has environmental allergies and food. I am trying to keep on top of that. Wiping her down after walks, so the pollen of the trees do not stay on her fur and make her itchy. Also, it is flea and tick season! Make sure to pick up the prevention from your vet for that.

Vets are still open thank God! They will get you to call when you arrive for your appointment, they come outside to get your dog and you pay fees over the phone. For Lola's dog food they have a limit of the amount of people allowed in the store. My pet store for Lola's dog food asks you what you want at the door, gets it for you and then you go and cash out.

As for walking Lola during social distancing. I googled everything about walking your dog during social distancing. It is still fine to do that, I just keep 6 feet away from people. I actually keep more like 15 feet away from people because I am that paranoid.

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Like to Know it

So excited I got accepted to have a Like to Know it account!! I did not think I would be approved to join. I heard that it is so hard to get accepted, they really look at your social media platforms and engagement levels on social media. With that being said..

Like to Know it is a app that allows you to directly shop bloggers, influencers outfits and favorite home decor, beauty products, basically everything. The price is not increased if you buy from Like to Know it, it is the same price if you buy without using the links given by bloggers, influencers. I think that is the main misunderstanding about the app.


I am trying to keep busy, which is so hard. I have developed a plan as to my goals, where I want to be in y personal life, career wise after quarantine. I can not really act on these plans at the moment because of self isolation. I do like though having a plan and a clear goal so when this is all over ( hopefully soon) I can go full force is killing it at my goals and getting what I want out of life!!!

I am very much over the BULL SHIT that is this year. All the bad stuff that has happened to me, how people have treated me. I want a fresh start, a awesome career that I can kill it in and succeed in and to just be surrounded by amazing supportive, motivating people.

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Paula Loreti
Paula Loreti
03. Mai 2020

Love this! I think it's super important what you state and the end of this post and I truly hope you can achieve all that you set your mind to!

Gefällt mir

Diane Umuhoza
Diane Umuhoza
01. Mai 2020

Great photos ! Stay safe

Gefällt mir
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