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changing up my space!

Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. It can change your space, brighten it up and create a different atmosphere.

I always say if you want to change your space, do it with home decor accessories. It is an easy, inexpensive way to switch things up.

Wall art - canvas painting, framed photos, and wallpaper are a great way to elevate your space and add a fresh new spin to the space.

*** PROMO CODE - at the end of the Post! ***


You can check them out here ->> PhotoWall

I love my new canvas print! I have been wanting to replace the photo I had above my bed for a while but could not find the right print. This print I love, it ties in all the colours in my room and is the perfect size for above my bed.

Here is the Link to my new canvas-> Indigo Blush and Gold

PhotoWall is a Swedish wall-art company passionate about creating inspiring living spaces with personality.

All their products are customizable and made to order. I got to pick the print and the size I wanted my canvas to be and I was able to adjust the print to fit the canvas size. Due to how customizable the process was the canvas turned out to fit perfectly above my bed. You can also decide what colour you want the sides of the canvas to be- white, black, or for the print to continue to the sides. I went with white for the sides!

The canvas comes flat packed so you do have to make it. You do not need any tool, PhotoWall provides you with everything. It is so easy, and they also have a video tutorial on their website.

At Photowall, you can upload your own image and create your own prints as well! Which would make for a perfect gift.

They have thousands of prints available in all options of canvas, wallpaper and framed artwork!

Discount Code ->>

shyyshianne25 - is the discount code!

25% discount on any product and is valid for a month! Honestly such an amazing offer because their products are already so well priced!



- This is a gifted item from PhotoWall. However, at ShyyShianne I would never promote a product or service I did not believe in, stand by or enjoy.

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Feb 09, 2021

Love the piece you picked and your dog is so cute too!

Eileen |

Mar 12, 2021
Replying to

Awe thanks Love :)


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