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I Tried Chefs Plate. Here’s My Honest Review

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I am not the best cook. I have no patience to cook, I am always nervous to cook -to add too many spices, too little, or to overcook or undercook. I am also so busy lately - a full-time job, my small business, and managing the blog, not to mention all the struggles life throws at you in-between.

That is why it is hard for me to cook a proper, well-balanced meal that I will enjoy. However, I have really been enjoying Chefs Plate.

influencers review of chefs plate meal kit

I got four meals!

I looked over the website and these meals caught my eye:

Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Triple Cheese Pasta Bake Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta Harvest Turkey Bowl

The Review

The Packaging/ Shipping

I received my box and was really impressed with the packaging. Everything that was needed for one recipe was in its own bag. The vegetables and meat are well packed, nothing came bruised, it was all fresh.

chef plate packaging

Quality Of The Food

Again, everything was so fresh, nothing was bruised. The cheese, feta, meat are packaged so well and tasted so fresh, along with the vegetables.

I also love that all the spices are pre-packed and portioned out for you already.

This means no running around your kitchen to find all the spices you need. It is all provided for you, except for oil, salt, and pepper which is fine because we all have that in our kitchens.

taco recipe

The Cooking Process

Oh my gosh... this was the easiest, best-tasting meal I have ever made!

The kit comes with instructions, photos, cook time, tools you need, and instructions as to how to portion, this is great if you are just cooking for yourself or more than one person.

The first meal I cooked was the Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas. It took me 30 minutes just like the instructions said it would. I thought I would have had a hard time but it was so easy!

To be honest this was my first time cooking chicken. I followed the simple instructions and it came out perfectly. I was so impressed with myself.

The intrusions helped you to time manage. Which steps you should do when and what to do while something is cooking in the oven. I really liked that because when I am cooking I do not like to stand there and be like what next. This was everything is warm when you are ready to plate and serve.

There was also little to no clean-up. This was because they told you in the instructions how to cut everything, what to add with what, and what bowl size you would need. I do not like leaving a lot of dishes in the kitchen while I eat my meal - it bothers me to leave a mess.

That is why I love the Chefs Plate meal kit. They thought of everything to make cooking easy and effortless.

cutup vegetables

The chicken I made -> I am so impressed with myself haha.. It was perfect and I overcame my weird fear of cooking meat.

cooked chicken spicy recipe

What I love about Chefs Plate and why I will be ordering more!

The fact that everything comes to your door- you cut out the stress of grocery shopping and forgetting ingredients. I also do not have time to go to the grocery store.

They have well-balanced meal options, vegetarian meals, etc... They have great, fun, unique options that they simplify so it's easy for you to make. - It is like eating at a restaurant at your home.

It is all measured out for you. Yes, you have to follow the instructions but it's almost like throwing it all together and it comes out perfect every time.

You are not wasteful because it is all pre-portioned. When I do go to the grocery store I have to buy a set quantity of some things and if I don't eat it all in a certain time frame it goes bad. I hate being wasteful. With Chefs Plate everything is proportioned so well that you do not have to be wasteful.

The food is so good! I feel like I can actually sit down and take the time to enjoy eating my meal now, even though I have such a busy schedule.

I also built some confidence to cook more, to be honest! I feel like I am learning while I cook and it is so easy and fun!

The Finished Meal -Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas- > It was so gooooooood !!! I was actually impressed I was able to make everything, nothing was burnt or over or undercooked. It turned out perfect. It was so flavorful and filling.

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Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

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