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closet clear out

Cleaning out your closet, spring/summer cleaning, fall/winter cleaning, minimalistic wardrobe, hygge lifestyle, capsule wardrobe, donating your clothes, reselling your clothes... ALL THINGS I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD DO.

woman wearing kate spade dress

woman shopping in her closet

I HOARD CLOTHING. As I got older I wanted a big walk in closet, with a bunch amazing pieces to fill it with- mainly handbags because that's my thing!

However, I have come to realize a few things as I got older. Things I wish my mum would of told, or someone would of told me to prevent me from buying so many pieces of clothing.

What I wish I knew when I first started to explore my style:

  1. Buy basics - they never go out of style, you can always mix them with trends and you will get the most bang for your buck.

  2. Your style will evolve! - this would of saved me so much money. I went threw so many phases, wearing different styles. Exploring your style is great, but I do not think it is smart to go all out and buy a bunch of grudge items and then switch to chic minimalistic style. Buy a few items, do not overly invest is what I am saying.

  3. Less is more- the less clothes you have the more use you get out of them. I have so many clothes from three, four even five years ago that I have only worn once or they still have the tags on them!

woman clearing out her closet

Why I decluttering my closet

I keep shopping because I do not think I have anything to wear! We have all been there, throwing are clothes around, freaking out, being frustrated because I have nothing to wear. WRONG I actually have soooooo many things to wear. I just cant find anything because I have too many clothes.

Also, I realized I have so many amazing pieces of clothing that can be styled in so many ways. However, because I have so many clothes I do not bother to try to style one top in five different ways because I get overwhelmed by my closet

The last reason I want to clear out my closet is because I want to move. I know this wont happen for a while unfortunately because the house prices in Ontario are aggressively high,, but even if I wanted to move into a condo I would need a second bedroom just for all my clothes, that does not include my shoes and handbags. Shoes and handbags would need a third room.

How to Declutter Your Closet

So this is hard for me because I remember when I wore every item in my closet, all the memories I have made while wearing certain tops, jeans, bags. I hold on to those memories and that is why I can not let go of certain items. I have realized I have so many photos in these items and that is one way to hold onto that memory, instead of hoarding.

Tips to clear out your closet:

  1. Turn the hanger : To try to figure out what you wear the most once you hang it back in your closet turn the hanger the opposite way of the other pieces. In a month or so look at your closet and see how many hangers are turned away from you. Those are the pieces you wear the most- those are your keepers!

  2. If it still has the tags on- chances are if the tags are still on after a month or so you probably will continue to forget about it for the following few months, or year.

  3. If you wore it in middle school or high school - yaaa... I still have clothing from 2006 up to my high school days. Some stuff I do still wear, that fits me. A lot of it though is clothing from me trying to figure out my style. I have figured out my style and it is not the same style from my high school day - thank the fashion Gods!

What to do with your clothes that you don't want

If it is worn out, not in the best condition just throw it out. My mum will make rags out of some of the old, clean clothes. That is also great for the environment so your not buying paper towels.

Donate Duh, if you think something is in good condition but you probably wont resell it donate it. I know this has gotten harder since Covid, there are more rustications. A good place to look into is woman's shelters, homeless shelters and even some hospitals take things too.

Make money honey off you clothes! This the best way to make some income off your clothing. I have all my clothing to sell in a storage bin so it is not just hanging in my closet until I sell it.

woman holding boxes of online orders

woman holding boxes of online orders

I use Poshmark to sell my clothing. It is so easy, you take a photo of your item, write a description and post. Once the item is sold Poshmark sends you the shipping label. They make it so easy for you. They also have events all the time for you to post to so your items get seen by more people and sell faster. They also host a "Closet clear out with Poshmark ". They have a lot of tools to help you sell your closet that literally requires no effort from you.

Check out my POSHMARK -->> HERE :)

You can use the link to sign up for Poshmark as well. The app makes it so easy to post, sell and manage your money.

I also posted a Reel about how to post on Poshmark and the Selling, Shipping process that you can check out here -->> Poshmark Guide

Anyways, I am still clearing out things... slowly but surely. I am always adding things to my Poshmark. It is such a great way to sell and buy.

I hope this post was helpful! I just want to live a little more of a minimalistic life. I will also be doing a capsule wardrobe post soon!

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