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When moving, especially into a condo there is a lot to consider. Moving is not easy, it is not something I want to do often. That is why it is so important to do as much research as possible so you do not regret your decision. I have heard so many stories of single people, or even couples so excited to move, they have their eyes on a certain building just to finally move in and it is a disappointment.

That definitely ruins the fun and excitement of moving !

You want to come home and relax after a busy work day, or busy work week. You do not want to come home to constant frustration because of a broken elevator, loud neighbors, poor property management etc… You want to enjoy your home, have it be a place of peace. You want to have it be a place where you can recharge!

It is hard to know the pros and cons of each building. However, can help you with that!

“ is an online platform for Canadians to rate and review condominiums. Our mission is to provide a user friendly platform where residents can share their honest opinions to help future residents and potential condo buyers make informed choices.”

The beauty of the platform is that real people, who have real experiences in these buildings are giving you their honest feedback of the building. The positive and negative of the building in which they live in!

I love this! I am currently looking to move so this is so helpful! I am not too educated on the city - which buildinies are good, which areas are safe etc… This platform gives me a good insight into all my questions. If you are deciding to rent or buy it's a great resource. allows you to submit and read ratings. The overall condo can get a 1-5 star review.

You can rate it based on :


Quality and Design


Maintenance and Property Management

You are also given information of the building, the age, neighborhood and who the management company is. They also share photos of the inside, outside of the buildings.

You are also able to comment or read in depth reviews, and peoples experiences.

While on the website I have noticed a lot of people are expressing if the condos are being rented out as AirBnb’s. This can be such a problematic situation. A lot of people are avoiding buildings that are being used as AirBnb’s because of the heavy traffic in and out of people who do not live in the building, but also the noise they create.

Also, people are communicating their issues with property management. The constant breaking of elevators. This is such an issue when you are in a condo. No one wants to carry all their groceries up 10+ flights of stairs - I do not want that kind of a workout.

You may also have some non-negotiable when you move. For example the condo must have security, a gym, whatever it may be you will find all the information here.

The website also provides some of its own great insights with their own blog posts:

All in all, the more people know about the more and more people will leave their reviews. This is and will become such a great resource for anyone looking to move!

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Apr 07, 2022

Thank you for sharing. Looks like a useful site

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