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December Reacp / 2020 Recap

I was going to do a yearly recap as well BUT that would be a long recap and, an emotional rollercoaster:

My 2020->

the bad :

- Car accident

- My boss hitting my car

- My toxic workplace

- Being out of a job

- Getting two flat tires

- Lolas teeth cleaning

-covid-19 - how can I forget that one..

the good:

- Lolas health has been decent - better than the previous years of my driving frantically to the vet crying, hear diarrhea and vomiting for months etc...

-I got a new career, in a healthy environment - it is in my field, with an amazing company, with amazing people!

- I got a new man! - only took me 3 years to find this gem! He is honestly the best human being.

- Top 60 Bloggers of Canada - I made the list, this was one of the greatest achievements to be acknowledged as a blogger! -> Click here for the post

- Paid for Ad- My first and only haha paid for Ad. This was an amazing opportunity, the band was great and it took my Instagram to the next level, I felt like an influencer haha..

I do love to look back on the good and bad of a year, there is a lot of moments in a year. However, it is so much easier to do a monthly recap since it has been a wild year!

instagram feed pink aesthetic

Birth Control

I will be writing a separate article on this. I had such a bad reaction to birth control. I have been on it before, I went back on it and I was in so much pain for a week and a bit. My doctor kept saying it was not birth control, however, after doing my own research, depicting the timeline It was birth control.

In the blog post, I will talk about what my history was with the pill, my symptoms, and everything!

Stay tuned for that!

Christmas Get Away

Me and my man got an AirBnB to spend Christmas together. We brought Christmas decorations, food to cook, and our gifts to open. I wanted it to seem like Christmas so I put the presents under the tiny tree. I wanted to get a bigger tree but that would have been annoying to bring up the elevator and then take it back down once our stay was done.

gifts under the tree

I also thought it would be cute to bring ornaments for us to decorate as a cute craft. I bought clay ornaments, with acrylic paint. I wrote our names on one to be corny, like a corn dog haha.. I just thought it would be a cute way to document our first Christmas together.

kids craft ornament decorating

We spent most of our time watching Christmas films, cooking and eating, making hot chocolate. Time flew by! Which is crazy because we never left the Air BnB. We are in a lockdown so we could not go out and explore, It would have been so nice to do so though because Toronto around Christmas time has so many activities to do, things to see.

pasta easy to make

breakfast food healthy

My man did take me to see a drive threw Christmas light experience. I do not know what it was called but it was so much fun. All the Christmas lights, to drive through see different figures and setups it was magical.

christmas lights

LockDown 2, 3... I Lost Count!

We are entering our second province-wide lockdown. As of Boxing day!

Not much to say as per that, feel like my entire year has been a lockdown. I have limited how much I go out from the start of the year.

However, this lockdown will be way different. In Canada, during the first lockdown, at least people could enjoy the weather, do activities outside. This lockdown we are more so confined to our homes. The weather is cold, snowy, and gloomy. People, in general, have a hard time during this season, and being stuck at home isolated is not going to help emotionally, mentally.

I think that is also why I do not have more to share, I have not been doing much, seeing anyone, I actually do not know how I am passing time haha...

woman standing in snow in coat



LOVE Joe Fresh! It is such a great Canadian brand I have been wearing their clothing since they were first established in 2006! I still have all the pieces since I bought them way back when. They are great quality, never go out of style and hold up so well in the wash!

*Not an ad, just sharing something I really love !

$16 Sherpas that I Own ->

They are so comfy and have pockets, which is always a plus!

Sequin Pieces->>

Yes! I own these too!! I love them so easy to throw on and style for the holidays, or your birthday. They do not itch because they are lined properly.

What I am buying next ->>

woman in snow with dog

Christmas In Lockdown

Normally, we would all go to my cousins for a family dinner. My cousin would cook the main meal, my aunts and uncles would bring appetizers and I would bring the dessert. This year since we are not allowed to be in others homes we were not able to do any of that.

We were at first thinking about all getting together outside, having dinner in the backyard. However, the rules and restrictions kept changing and we did not know what the weather was going to be like. We were hit with a lot of snow on Christmas eve - which was nice! But glad we did not plan to do anything outside.

christmas cookies

My family and I just did something the five of us. We planned a dinner, made cookies, opened gifts, made a proper day out of it. It was still nice, making the most of the situation, but it did not feel normal not going to my cousins.

My mum and siblings ended up driving to my cousins to drop off gifts say a quick hi, from a distance and that was that!

christmas cookies shortbread cookies


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Manishkumar Ambaliya
Manishkumar Ambaliya
May 05, 2021

Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.


Jill - Doused In Pink
Jill - Doused In Pink
Jan 05, 2021

Congratulations on being selected as one of the top 60 bloggers! Wishing you the best in 2021!

Jill - <a href=>Doused in Pink</a>


Jan 02, 2021

Happy new year!


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Jan 02, 2021

Happy new year!


AL- <a href=""> Maxi Dress Trend </a>

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