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dog Christmas gift ideas

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Everyone is writing their "For Him" For Her" gift guide. But I am more excited on what to gift my furry friend. 

Lola is really hard to buy gifts for. She is allergic to everything and is food driven. It is pretty hard to find treats for her at Pet Stores. However PetSmart has a great array of treats, toys and supplies for all our furry friends. 

Here are my top picks on what to get you Puppy: 


1. A cute little stocking suffer treats.

2. This is the cutest jacket, I have had my eye on getting Lola this for a while! 

3. Lola loves these. This is great for hyper dogs, they get rid of some of that energy when chewing on this.

4. A stocking filled with some goodies. All the work off stocking stuffing is already done for you

5. Such a unique, cute bed, I will definitely be bringing this out every time Christmas rolls around! 

6. More cookies, because why not they are so cute and your puppy deserves more treats. 

7. A 6 pack of gifts, all you really have to do is pick this up for your puppy and your set! ...and maybe some treats too! Definitely a lot of treats hahah...

8. A new holiday collar to get into the festive spirit. 

9. This hat comes in a naughty or nice version. Of course I will be getting Lola the naughty version hahaha..

10. These are great treats for not only your dog to enjoy but also to help keep their teeth clean!

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