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el jefe

This authentic restaurant is located on Port Credit. They specialize in tacos and delicious entrees made with authentic seasonings and flavors. Their cocktails are mixed with house made syrups, purees and their bar packs an extensive tequila selection!

Not only is the food amazing, but the atmosphere is too. If you are siting inside the decor is unique and in theme with the restaurants vibe. If you sit outside on the patio you get a great view of main street Port Credit. The mural is also a show stopper and great place to take a picture.

I sat on the patio because it was such a beautiful day! As I sat there I enjoyed the blanco sangria.

People where walking by and took note of the mural. They stopped to take a picture and eventually decided they wanted to try the restaurant out. Which was a good choice on their part, because the food is amazing!

The staff was so sweet and friendly! I had a great long conversation with my waitress. She recommended the tacos so I decided on: buffalo cauliflower, crunchy fish and the blackened shrimp - on a flour tortilla . I was definitely not disappointed!

The flavors were amazing and for once I was so full I did not have room for dessert :')

I recommend this place if you want to enjoy the summer weather (while it lasts). Its a great place to hangout with friends and family. The atmosphere is casual and fun. I however would not recommend it for a first date because you will make a mess while you eat- as I did.

I definitely embarrassed myself eating but it was worth it!

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