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fall fashion look book

I feel like fall fashion and back to school fashion go hand and hand. Both technically start in September, especially if you live in Canada. I really enjoy fall fashion because you can layer pieces, wear boots and fall fashion transitions into winter fashion. Unlike summer fashion which in Canada only is 4ish months. I have so many summer cloths that I never get to wear because the season is so short. I also have so many summer cloths because in Canada when the sun is out you want to be out and about!

This year was obviously different because of covid. As summer was kind of ending things started to open up.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite fall looks that have stranded the test of time. Classic but fun looks you can wear year after year, and also wear in the winter.

the white bag is always sold out but I linked similar

This dress is from my collaboration with Largo Drive. I styled it three ways, for each season!

You can check that post out -->> here

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