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February, March Recap

I thought I would just combine the two months into my monthly recap. Mainly because all the drama, issues etc.. I faced in February carried on into March. Also it has been a hectic, emotionally, physically draining few months form me.

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Car Accident February 2

I have a detailed blog post : My Car Accident . I discussed everything about it, what happened, how I got scammed, how I believe I was a target for an insurance scam. It was a ruff situation because I had no knowledge of what to do, the best choices to make and I had to get a lawyer involved to try to get out of a work order. Basically I could not get out of this work order which meant I had to stick with this scam artist of a mechanic. Who did a shit job on my car. I picked up my car and I went straight to a Hyundai dealership to get them to do a full inspection on my car. They found some mistakes -which they fixed. They also found that the mechanic did not align my stearing properly - which can be so dangerous. I paid out of pocket to get that all fixed, because I did not want to deal with the previous mechanic anymore.

what to do when you get into a car accident in Ontario

My Co-worker (Manager) Hitting My Rental Car

It was the day I was supposed to get my car back. The car was parked and I was not in it, she hit my parked car trying to park her car. She dented in the back door, there was paint transfer as well- I managed to get that off. However, the whole back door still needed to be fixed.

She came up to me and told me an hour after. She told me to lie to the insurance company say that I do not know who hit my car. She also said I should pay to fix it.

1. I would not lie to my insurance company because then I am automatically at fault.

2. Why should I pay to fix the car if you hit it, and I am not at fault.

This is the second car accident in 1 month were I am not at fault- It seems like the world is just beating me up at this point .

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My Rental - Worse than it looks the camera doesn't pick up that the door is dented in

My managers car

I called my insurance company. They said the car rental company has their own insurance and they will cover it because you are not at fault. This was the only time the car rental company was easy to deal with. I had to report the accident within 24hr - as the rental cars contract stated.

I tried to get my managers information - insurance, license etc..

This was a 3 hr process

1. She said first I will give it to you

2. I don't have it its at home- so you drove to work with no insurance, no licence

3, I will send it to you when my sister sends it to me

Long story short - she never gave it to me I had to call the cops on my manager

They told me to tell her they will come down and charge her. I told her and she said "Umm... no they wont." She is a 45 yr old woman with 2 kids and she thinks she is above it all. That comment totally describes her character.

My boss was also no help, he sided with her- they have a special relationship *cough cough* .

I went home called the cops because still she gave me no information. The cops were not happy with her at all, they said that what she said to me was wrong, she is making this so much harder than it needs to be. She finally gave me some information- the cops verified it because they thought it was sketchy. They also tried to speak with her she would not answer any of my phone call or the cops. They told me to text her saying the cops say you are not in trouble etc... She was online but not responding - that really did not sit well with the police.

The next day she messaged me and was a BITCH. She messaged me all wrong information of how the police work, how insurance works etc.. She just wanted the last word. You think because she has been in sooo many accidents before she would know the process. Also, her licence prove she is not actually a citizen sooo.. you think she would of been smarter and been more mature with the police but nope.

Car Rental

When I first got the Rental( before the 2nd accident) : The car I rented was from the same owner as the mechanic. While I was driving the car I felt it was driving funny. I realized the alignment was so fucked up. In order to drive straight I had to turn the wheel all the way to the right. Which should not be the case. In order to drive straight you should hold the wheel straight. I did not even bring it up to the rental place because they were horrible to deal with and I know they would of lied and said I did something to the car. - This is why I went to a dealership right after getting my car, I knew they would of fucked up my alignment if they couldn't even align their own vehicle.

Returning the rental was hell. They charged me $200 when I got home.. I had to call numerous times to even get an answer. He said the charge was for detailing the car and removing dog hair and I can not have a dog in the car. I said no were in the contract does it say I have to pay for that or that I can not have a dog in the car.

I caught him off guard by saying that. I also told him no other company charges that much for that either. I told him all the quotes I got from other mechanics. He did not say anything. After 4 days of going back and forth. Them ignoring my calls, not sending me an invoice after they said they would 4 days ago. They came down to $100. I paid it just to be done with them.

I waited for them to credit my Visa before paying them, they said they did but they never did. I called and called they said they did. I asked for a invoice of the credit they never sent that. Another day went by, I emailed them and asked again finally they sent it. BUT the invoice date of when they credited my Visa was the day I sent the email. So they never credited me the money when they first said they would days ago.

- They were hoping I would just assume they credited it to me, I would pay them and they would get their $200


Even before the car accidents I was not happy at work. Management was horrible, they love drama, not doing there job, being verbally abusive etc...

I tried just to do my job and avoid it but when you see how they not only treat you but others it effects you.

My Manager has always made rude comments to me, to others and has tried to pit me against people by lying.

Recently he has said

1. "Why don't you smile". I joked saying I do not want wrinkles, can;t afford botox. I actually wanted to say because I work here, but I did not say that. He said "you smile more , you will get a husband that way and he can pay for your botox". I told him I do not want a husband he said" ughh woman"

2.On days were people comment my hair he will say to me why don't you fix your hair, do something with it.

- these are sadly the nicest interactions I have had with him.

I was honestly hating my work life and people were starting to notice. I have not been happy there since my 3 month probation was done. I have been there for 1 1/2 years. I stayed so long because I loved the tasks and my actual job. It is just the people that were horrible and they have been that way since I started and there was never any support from management because they assumed they could get away with anything- which they did.

People in my life could tell on my face I was not happy. Even the people at Starbucks would say I am not my normal happy, energetic self. When I went into Lowes for decor projects the associates there would say the same.

A few days before my manager hit my rental car I lost my eye sight for 2 days. I had such a bad headache, I was nauseous. Then I lost sight in both my eyes and that continued for 2 days. The eye doctor and family doctor said it was stress.

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My Current Work Situation

My manager hitting the rental, how she handled it and knowing if I went into work the next day how all the managers would gang up on me - I had enough, this was the last straw. They have done some crazy things and I am surprised I lasted this long.

It is sad because I love my job, just not the people. The other stores within the company I know are not like this it is just this location.

I went to my family doctor told her everything, she was shocked. Long story short - I applied for some time off. All my doctors agreed with this, as did my health care insurance company.

I hate taking time off. I love to work, stay busy and do what I love. However, this environment was never a healthy one, no matter what even when HR gets involved these people will never change. So I had to make this choice knowing my health, happiness was gone and that is something I wanted back. Also, I now have insomnia so that is another thing I have to learn to change.


Everyone said when I got into my accident "well at least you still have your health". I don"t actually.

I finally got my neck checked out because it has been killing me, resulting in such bad headaches making my vision blurry, my eyes throb in pain. I wake up in pain and go to bed in pain. My eyes are always swollen. -ITS A MESS, its 24/7.

I also have insomnia. Honestly, can not remember the last time I slept, it was probably 2019.

I went to get my situation checked out. I now have to go 2 times a week for rehab for my whiplash. At least it is just whip lash, but oh my god i am so tired and in pain. My birthday was horrible cause of the pain, of course it was the worst on that specific day.


Obviously, I am very grateful that even with all this drama it has allowed me to not be at work. The company I work for stayed open - despite not being an essential business. By doing this they got ripped a new one on social media, the news outlets reported on them still being open.

Even with one person at a location testing positive for coronavirus they only closed down that location.

I have been social distancing/ self isolating just like everyone else. Finding myself very bored, trying to figure out other career options. However, it is the worst time for this because everyone is getting laid off, and offices are closed. So coronavirus has put a hold on my life just like it has with everyone else's life.


I am hoping to to regain my health ans happiness. Never have to deal with this mechanic , car rental company again.

In a perfect world, the company I currently work for would transfer me to a different location. I am hoping for that but not putting all my eyes in that basket.

I am just trying to regroup, process and navigate any new directions I want to take in all aspect of my life.

I had a hard time letting go of the fact that I worked so hard at this job, and to be disrespected and not appreciated was hard. Also, the fact that I had a job in both my fields and had to let that go because of a toxic environment was hard. You become your environment and clearly it was taking a tole on me. This to me was the most devastating part.

So now I am just trying to navigate... its hard so wish me luck, God knows I need it !


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Juanita likes
Juanita likes
Apr 01, 2020

Wow, you couldn't make this up. Here's to the future : ) xoxo


Apr 01, 2020

What a recap. thanks for sharing

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