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Handbag Refresh- easy ways to change your handbags!

I often find myself looking at new bags to buy. I can not get enough!

There has been times when I have gotten bored of certain bags in my closet, or my style changes and I just feel like some of my bags have not evolved with my style.

A lot of my handbags are great, timeless pieces- that I know one day I will wear again and if I do donate it, I will end up rebuying it again. Which is one reason I very rarely sell my handbags.

I do use PoshMark a lot and have some bags up for sale - Kate Spade yada yada

I have also realized a lot of the bags I want are similar to ones I have, just a few difference. I have also realized my style is, and has always been more edgy. I do like certain girly, feminine pieces as well. Basically, my style changes.

Lately this has been my favorite way to change up my handbags!

Add Chains! - it adds depth to your handbags, colour, texture, and can also make the bag look more expensive!

It can also change a girly bag to a street style bag!

You can also use your Chains on Multiple bags.

The Brown Bag - $10 bag from shein, I added a chain and it elevated it! It made it look a lot more than $10

Black Kate Spade - this bag looks some what girly with the original chain. This chain makes it more edgy!

The Blue Kate Spade - you could put it with a gold/ silver chain to make it more street wear, but I found this amazing chain! It picks up the lighting and reflects the rainbow. It makes the bag so unique .

White Bag- This is another shein bag. This one actually came with the pearl chain. However, you can add it to the black Kate Spade bag or any other bag

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