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How to be consistent in your routine, business and showing up for your-self

To be honest this month flew by. I think when you get sick that whole week is a write off ...

My Wellness Plan for this Year:

Every month I will pick one thing to focus on:

That I want to change or work-on.

By choosing one thing it helps you to stay consistent, create a routine, assess and see your progress, and be able to reflect.

Last months goal was boundaries. I was really happy with my progress on that and how I continued that into February. To read more on that I wrote an article How to set boundaries with a narcissist and manipulator, which you can read: here

My Wellness Goal This Month

To Be Consistent

What does that mean?

Welp, it means something different to everyone. There are certain things in my life that I know I can not control which means there will be no consistency. However, there are things in my life that I know I have complete control over because they are things that I can act on by myself.

I complete this excerise at the start of ever month to figure out what I want to focus on.

How I Achieved my Goal

I feel like this month I did less of being consistent and more of figuring out methods, tools to keep me consistent. I still think of this as a win!

The steps to take to be consistent:

1.Figure out what you can and cannot control. Asses all aspects of your life. Write it down, that always helps for me!

Here are some super cute notebooks to make notes, because everything should be an aesthetic as should your notebooks and stationary:

2. Narrow it down!

This is different for everyone based on what your needs are. Do you want to be there more for your family, go to the gym more, walks, see your friends, be consistent in your skincare routine.

Write down all the things you want to focus more on being consistent with. Each on a separate page.

3. How can you stay constant in aspects of your life?

Again, this may vary depending on the things you want to focus on. When you really think about it you will find the easiest ways to stay consistent. Sometimes life gets so cloudy, everything in our life over laps and we get overwhelmed and then give less to the aspects of our lives that matter. This is about breaking down the top 3 things that matter to you, and scheduling them in.

Methods I use to stay consistent:

  • Schedule it in! I love my day planner and Google calendar. I made the effort to colour coat everything. My appointments are a different colour than my yoga classes, and my social events. TIP : this is your personal planner do not include your 9-5 work obligations on this. Stay consistent is also about mental health, having a healthy routine. Work needs to end when you clock out - easier said than done. But you need to separate it.

  • Every Sunday plan your week. I loved to plan months in advance I realized that no longer works in my life. It is about being realistic! I schedule what I want to be consist in, and the rest I can work into that. My focus: -Yoga -Content creating/ posting -Be present - alone, when with family/friends etc..

  • Be Realistic. Do not put 100 things on your to do list. The hierarchy of importance! That day focus on the top three things you want to focus on. This is you can plan on your Sunday or day-to-day. This really helped me in becoming less overwhelmed. It also helped me to be more present in the moment. Time blocking: I know time blocking also works for some people. I can do that for my yoga classes but for the rest of the things in my life it doesn't work for me. It makes me more anxious, like "omg I have to hurry and get this done!"However, if it works for you great! Do it up babe!

  • Be Patient! Being consistent, establishing a routine takes time.Once you start to get into the flow of it you will realize the benefits of it. Be confident in showing up for yourself!

My specific goals:

Yoga Again, its that Sunday night lets look where I will fit it in. It is not can I fit it in, its I will because its a priority to me to consistently show up for my health. Posting constantly on social media: Just note that things like content creating and posting content I created additional methods to help me. I made an excel sheet with : the photos I want to post on which days I want to post them. I also added the captions under them, hashtags I want to use and if there are additional photos I want to post onto my stories. - the best thing I could of ever done for my social media! Copy and paste and post! I also scheduled in time to create content, as well as sometimes when I go out I take random everyday content too! Be Present I still find this hard -"omg I still have to do this.." It is about checking yourself, catching those moments and shifting your attention back. You are wasting the present moment by focusing on the future. The future will come and you will handle it- stressing solves nothing. Again, easier said then done but when you start catching your self it becomes easier. LET ME KNOW! How was your month!? Was there anything you focused on!


Sometimes things can being you moments of happiness ...

I find putting perfume on everyday makes me feel special, lighting a candal with a cup of tea is a vibe. Little moments to add to your well-being and life .

Here are some of my most used and favourite items that add magic to my day :

my rotation of perfumes!

you know if you follow me on instagram

love Anthropology!

omg the aesthetic and the smell - we do not compromise on either!

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4 comentarios

Juliana Ferreira
Juliana Ferreira
07 mar

I love this post so cool tips, i like so much.


Me gusta
10 mar
Contestando a

awe thanks :)

Me gusta

Make Life Marvelous
Make Life Marvelous
04 mar

I absolutely love your tips, Shianne! I follow that three goals for each day as well, it helps me stay focused. Keeping things in perspective by naming what you can and can't control is such a smart idea, that's something I need to start doing! Wishing you a fantastic week! :)

Me gusta
10 mar
Contestando a

aweee sooo happy to hear you love my tips :) the 3 goals a day is such a life changer lol, you feel more accomplished and less stressed !

Me gusta
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