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how to create a Dream Board & my 2021 goals

Damn it's 2021!! That year that I shall not speak of, that was filled with some ( many) CRAZY, sad, horrible events flew by!

There were a lot of pivotal moments in 2020. Moments of global realization of important and impactful issues, personal awareness etc..

inspiration for vision board

At the beginning of each year, I like to set goals, things I want to accomplish for the year, and evaluate the previous year and the thing I have done.

2020 my goals kinda went to shit... or so I thought! When Covid happened I thought damn yep that's it this is a void year, a waste, I can't even leave my home how am I supposed to accomplish anything!

ANYWAYS - In this Post

I will talk about:

My 2020 goals what I have and have not achieved

My 2021 Goals

How you can create a Dream Board

Why Dream Boards are effective

My 2020 goals what I have and have not achieved

What I achieved off my 2020 Dream Board

Looking back at it I have achieved so much. I never stopped hustling to get what I wanted. Even though this year it was so much harder and more obsticals then normal I could not give up on trying, I did not want to waste my time.

1. I wanted a new job, a better work environment, in my field - that happened!

2.I wanted my first paid ad on Instagram- that happened!

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3. I wanted to attract a healthy relationship, that was built on trust, respect and both of us had the same morals, ethics, and goals - that happened!

Can not lie this was the most surprising thing that has happened haha.. it is so hard to date and throw in a pandemic DAMN that makes it even worse!

4. I wanted to focus more on getting viewers to my blog- that happened!

This is still a work in progress BUT going from 1 view to 86 views on one post makes me happy.

What I did not Accomplish

There was a lot that I did not get done of my Dreamboard, which sucks but was not doable due to covid, the pandemic.

1.Traveling - I wanted to go to Amsterdam so badly. In 2019 I planned out my entire trip. I also wanted to go to England again. The ticket was purchased but Canada went into lockdown at the time so that was a no-go.

2.10,000 followers on Instagram. This has been so upsetting to me. I work really hard in all aspects of social media and it is so hard to keep up with the Instagram algorithm. It can put you in a funk and it did for a while.

3. More Brand collabs - I have received some which are amazing. They are brands that I can truly stand behind. However, the plan was to get more paid for ads with the brands I love or to become an ambassador for the brand. There is a list of brands I have grown up loving and it would mean the world to me to collab with them but it has not happened yet.

My 2021 Goals

Basically the same as last year, minus traveling. I do not think I would feel comfortable doing that this year.

How to Create a Dream Board

I have so much fun doing this every year! I get a cup of tea put a film on and start mapping out what I want to add to my dream board.


I ask myself what I want to achieve in each aspect of my life. I break it up into categories:

  1. Self- my personal, spiritual goals. It can be as simple as stress less! I also add mental health and physical health into this.

  2. Relationships - friends, family, doggo! If I want to spend more time with them or attract more positive relationships into my life.

  3. Career - advancement goals. Where I want to be, what I want to learn if I am looking for a raise. I also include blogging or side hustle in this. This is where I also add my Instagram, paid ads, working with those brands I love.

  4. Finances - what I want to achieve, save up for, basically stop buying clothes! haha.. that never happens.

  5. Travel - it does not have to be around the world, but even locally.

vision board template


Ask yourself how you will accomplish this. It is not just going to happen because you write it down. You need to work toward it and figure out how you will do that.


Write it or Print out pictures or Both!

You can write it on a piece of paper make it look cute and pin it to your board.

You can also print out photos that resemble the goals you have, along with writing it down. That is what I do. I do a combination of photos and statements and pin it to my board.

why Dream Boards work

They only work if you work for them. If you are actively doing things in your day to day life to achieve your goals you will!

I also find dream boards are great when you put them someplace in your home where you can see it every day as a reminder. We get so busy in our day to day lives sometimes we forget what we are working so hard for so it is a great reminder when you have it in a place that you can always see it.

Also, Ophra Winfrey does it and believes in it sooo ... enough said hahah..

vision board inspo

vision board inspo

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Jan 07, 2021

Great tips and writing! Love it so much dear :)


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Stephanie O
Stephanie O
Jan 06, 2021

I must be very late to the tech savvy train as I thought it was kicking me off commenting lol. Congratulations on all the goals you achieved in 2020. It's pretty impressive despite the realities rona has dished us. I definitely need to create a dream board for myself once i've decided my goals for 2021

xo Stephanie

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