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how to style a graphic tee

This has been a trend for a while now. A trend I did not understand until I bought my boyfriend a Beatles graphic tee and then decided to wear it for an Instagram photo... I keep the shirt.

I ended up buying him another one because he saw me wearing it and wanted one. I told him it was going to be part of his Valentines day gift but... I looked cuter in it hahha...

Anyways, he was really happy when I went and got him one. Now me have matching graphic tees.

I did not realize how fun they are to style, how comfy they are and make for such an easy outfit- throw on and go.

I also never thought I would be one to order them in sizes large and extra large. I always grew up wanting everything to fit almost skin tight. Now, I love a baggy, grungy look. Then again that should be of no surprise considering I have always had a grungy side.

Look 1

This is an extra large top. I have tucked it into some loose fitting distressed jean shorts. I used a belt to help define my waist. It also helps to keep the tucked shirt in place. Also, if we are on the topic of grunge I had to wear combat boots. I love love combat boots. I used to live in them and have just started again living in them.

woman wearing jean shorts graphic tee

woman wearing a lot of gold rings

I paired the look with a lot of rings, gold rings. These rings are from my jewelry collection

->>> Sweet and Spicy Jewls <--- you can shop my collection by clicking the link

Look 2

So... I probably should be wearing shorts or bicker shorts under this but I am not. This top is an extra large so it does cover my butt. However, I would still recommend wearing shorts under if you do want to wear your graphic tee as a dress because if that wind blows your tee might go flying up haha...

woman wearing a shirt and boots only

these are some combat boots and boots I would pair my look with

Look 3

This look is a little more wearable for all seasons. Tucking your t-shirt into high waist skinny jeans. High waist skinny jeans help to define your waist and cinch it in.

woman wearing beatles shirt

woman in fashionable clothing

woman wearing hoop earrings and red lipstick

Here are some more graphic tees that I am OBSESSED WITH !

you can click the photos to shop the pieces :)

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