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how to style white running shoes

I am scared of white running shoes... I stick to black, I barely wear white. So something that is white, that touches the floor, that is prone to getting very dirty does not excite me. Until I bought a cheap pair of white running shoes and realized how cute they are to style.

White sneakers and a dress!

I remember a few years ago I first saw Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid wearing this look. I always thought you had to be super girly to wear a dress. A dress was always paired with heels, flats never sneakers.

For someone who is not really that girly this is the perfect way for me to wear a dress without feeling so uncomfortable. I do not like to be too girly, it has never been my style.

I also think wearing a dress with combat boots is fire!! Then again I will wear combat boots with anything.

woman in jean jacket dress and sneakers

woman in black summer dress

Here are some other dresses that I am loving this season

White sneakers and Mom jeans

When I say mom jeans I mean any loose fitting jeans, boyfriend jeans yada yada...

This look is kinda sporty, and fun. It looks so put together and is so easy to style. You also feel super comfortable in it.

woman making funny face

woman in her office

woman in her office

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