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January recap

Ohh Lordy were do I begin... Firstly, it is the first month of the new year, so I planned out my yearly goals and all I wanted to achieve in all aspects of my life- I do this every year. As soon as January first came it did not feel like a new year at all! I do not know why but to me it just feels like 2019 continued into 2020. It was just a weird, strange feeling, almost like oh okay another day, nothing special. Did anyone else feel this way? 

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Every year I stay home but I make it special, we do a nice appetizer table, play bored games an watch the ball drop at Times Square on the television. We did all that but it still did not feel like a New Year. Maybe it was because I was falling asleep every hour leading up to 12 a.m. My mom took pictures to prove that. They are so embarrassing, I am full on passed out mouth open, drooling, its really sexy. 

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Any who here is my recap of January: 

*There are a few funny stories* #StoryTimeWithShy


I was passed being a hot mess, I was just a mess. The weather effects everyone emotionally, it is cold, snowing, raining, you do not want to go out. The weather did not help with my overall mood and emotions this month. Also, there has been so much going on in the world, so much sadness and even though you are not directly effected by it, it still can emotionally effect you. 

The Pet Cat I Never Had

If you follow me on Instagram (shyyshianne) you will see my #StoryTimeWithShy were I explained that I went into the pet store for Lola's food. It came to my mind that I needed a name tag for my new pet cat. This was a stray that I took in. Took me probably two minutes after this thought to realize that I do not have a cat! 

I then remember that I did though have a dream about taking in a stray cat. 

The Frozen Car 

This was in the same week as the Cat I Never Had Story. I thought I was running late to work. I got to my car all of my car doors were frozen shut! So I open the trunk to get in through there. I try to get through the back seats, my butt gets stuck between the headrests. As I am there stuck I start thinking about how this is the time the killer will come for me. 

The News Headline Will Read: " Brown woman gets stabbed in the butt to death trying to enter her car through the trunk. Suspect then steals her car"

After I get unstuck I make it to the front of my car, turn on the car, close the trunk. I start to reverse out because I am late for work. I stop and realize it is really dark out, I just happen to look at the time. I stop and take in what time it really is. I was not late. I was leaving an hour and a half earlier than I usually leave. I drive back into my driveway and go back into the house. I swear Lola looked at me like I was an idiot when I came back inside. 

My Face

Your girl is having some skin issues! On my upper lip in the week that these stories happened I have a scab under my nose that has lasted two weeks. I also had a cyst on my upper lip which bruised - yes I picked at it, yes I know that is my fault. Do not act like you guys do not pick at your zits... 

Maybe I am the only one who knows they shouldn't but still do and then complains when it bruises .Whatever! 

Anyways these two situations on my upper lip are still there... So that is great. 

I did find a product to help heal bruises which honestly has helped do much : Arnica Cream 

Can I just say.. I know I seem a little crazy, and I am a mess this month but I have been getting less sleep. Waking up at 5 a.m. sometimes 3 a.m. - for no reason. February I need to focus on sleep! 

If you enjoyed my funny stories you will also enjoy my story of Buying an SUV - Hint hint a Ex Boyfriend situation... 

Lola  My baby is still itching, scratching and scooting. Her doggie anxiety and dog allergies are a forever battle. I am starting to give her Hemp Oil to try to help ease her pain or anxiety, I have to wait a while to see if that works.  She is loving daycare. Which I thought would never happen. She used to have to be dragged in there and I would get calls saying she was freaking out only an hour into being there. Now she just runs into the daycare center. When I say runs in I mean I opened my car door and she came flying out of the drivers seat and went straight to the door of the daycare center. She defiantly gave me a heart attack I thought she was going to run away


Work is work. I go mined my business and go home. It is not the way I want it to be but as ever company has its drama so does my workplace. I hate drama. 

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Blog and Instagram AND Pinterest

As for the growth of my social media accounts it has been really slow, which sucks. There is a lot of work that goes into this and you want to stand out and have a better reach. I want to focus on creating a consistent feed. I know I get excited and will post photos that do not create a cohesive feed, that is something to work on. But I think the photos are still Bomb! haha...

I love blogging, it is like a diary for me. A way to reflect. I am also slowly starting to find my blogging style and learning a long the way. I hope to evolve more in that sense. Blogging and Instagram are amazing too because it is a way to network. I have so many people who direct message me saying they love my blog, my Instagram and that means the most to me. I keep all of those messages! It is nice to know that I am being creative, doing something I enjoy and people appreciate that and enjoy it with me.  

I started a Pinterest! You can now pin all my post from my blog and also you can go to my Pinterest account to pin. 

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Love Life  I can not lie I actually almost forgot to write this part. Probably because it does not exist. I have tried dating, going on dates. It is all grate BUT now that I know what I want I do not want to waste my time. Most guys just want to date a bunch of girls for months( I would know). I think dating multiple people is fine but not for monthssss. You  can not have the best of everyone and not commit. That being said if you do not want to commit you have to let all parties know, so you do not waste anyone's time.  I also find this weird... Direct message me to let me know what you think of this!!! : You go out on a few dates with the same person. They plan out your next date, you confirm and no messages after that. I get people are busy but no messages, no effect to keep a conversation going, dead silence. I have noticed this a lot. Is this dating I do  not know!  Honestly, my last relationship last about three years and that was technically my first relationship. So I do not exactly know how this works.. or is that just a sign of a Fuck Boy?  Dating reminds me why I LOVE BEING SINGLE! 

In Summary 

I am praying my skin heals, that I get more sleep in February and I am praying to keep the Fuck Boys away. 

-Shy ❤️

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