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list of happiness -book recommendation

Self Care is something that not only applies to what you eat, your exercise routine and pampering yourself, it also includes your mental health. 

52 lists of happiness, self love, self care

The last few years have been very stressful for me. Just getting by day-to-day, dealing with one issues after another. A lot of the things that happened were out of my control -which drove me crazy! To name a few things I was going through : I broke up with my boyfriend, my puppy Lola was very sick -throwing up, diarrhea and a million other issues that I still have not solved, I was also in school full-time-  I almost got kicked out of my program because the professor said I did not hand in an assignment even though I did, all my classmates vouched for me because I presented it! Then I also worked which was stress enough dealing with some hostile co-workers. Then my own health scare  and my grandpa's mobility and health was deteriorating. And  there was also little random issues along the way.  Dealing with all this, trying to solve all these problems, then once I solved one problem another one arose. It was a lot. - I lost my SHIZ to put it nicely. I was running around vet to vet, school to work, staying up all night to do assignment and to help Lola because she would have diarrhea and be throw up all night. 

But eventually things calmed down... after I graduated and quit my job. As they say the "storm before the calm", the storm finally passed.However, I was still left with the aftermath of the storm that needed to be cleaned up. I felt drained, tired and I was in a daze.

One day I was walking through the Chapters Indigo and found my self in the journals and notebook section because I like pretty stationary teehee. I found this book:   52 Lists for Happiness it is by Random House, there are a few other journals created by them.

I have been doing it once a week, every Sunday night I make time to have a cup of tea and fill out one page before bed.  It really helps you to focus on what brings you joy, how to include more of that into your present day, how to focus on what you need to to live a happy life. The book is super cute with pretty Instagramable pictures. It is also super easy to fill out because it is meant to be filled out in a list format. You only need to do it once a week which makes it more enjoyable and less like homework. 

I have been filling out this book for a while now and it does help you to focus on what brings you joy, but its up to you to remember what you put in that book and cultivate that into your reality.   After the crazy past few years I have had this book has helped to ground me back to who I used to be, be more present, to make time for me and focus on my happiness. 

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