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makeup storage ideas

I love organization and incorporating organization throughout my life, from workplace organization, home organization, organizing my closet and even with my blogging schedule. It helps you to save time and be more efficient.

makeup storage and vanity inspiration

When it comes to your vanity and makeup storage if you have a lot of products like me it helps to stay organized. I obviously do not have as much makeup as most bloggers, however it is a lot for me. I am still unsure as to how I have accumulated this much makeup to begin with.

I love acrylic makeup organizers and acrylic drawer organizers. I think it helps so much to contain your products as apposed to a makeup bag where you are hunting for an item that is probably at the bottom of your bag.

The way I organize my makeup is by using a rolling cart with drawers. Each drawer contains different products. There is also the famous alex 9 drawer from Ikea which you could use but again I do not have that much makeup. These rolling drawers are so versatile. They do hold a lot of products and if you ever want to switch it up you can use them to store anything!

Swipe below for the clear drawers - the one I have->

My Favorite open storage options:

These rolling carts are also great for kids craft storage, if you do calligraphy, scrapbooking etc...

How I organizer my makeup drawers :

makeup organization, vanity organization - blushes, foundation, powder

The top drawer - foundation (which I never ware), powder, concealer, blush, highlight - basically all the face makeup.

Second Drawer - bronzer, contour kits. That is it for that drawer because I have a lot of those products in compassion to everything else haha..

Third Drawer - eyeshadow quads, eyeshadow pencils and liners, mascara.

acrylic makeup containers to hold eyeshadows, liners and mascara

Fourth Drawer- all my eyeshadow palettes

The other drawers I keep products that are still in packaging. Once I find a product I like I stick to it and buy in bulk when its on sale, I swear I am not a hoarder haha...

I also have hair products in the bottom drawer...which I need to get into the habit of using more. I am the worst when it comes to hair care. I am excited I finally booked my hair cut ! Trying to get a hair cut appointment during covid is hard.

Within each drawer I have acrylic containers. Each container holds a different type of product. Highlighters will be in one, eyeliners in another container, mascara in another container etc...

It just makes it easier in the mornings especially before work or if you are getting ready for an event. Nothing is rolling around in the drawers and your not hunting for that one product you love. I really enjoy putting on makeup, it is fun and relaxing for me, what is not relaxing is when I used to get so frustrated trying to find my favorite product, I have no patience haha..

These are the acrylic storage containers I use :

On the top of my drawer I keep my makeup brushes and lipsticks. It is just easier to have them out so I can see all of them. For my makeup brushes I do not have too many. One is for my face makeup brushes and the other is for my eye shadow brushes.

These lipstick holders were my first amazon purchase. I bought one then started to accumulate more lipsticks so I reordered it .

makeup brush storage and lipstick storage

The acrylic lipstick holders I have :

All of my storage is from Amazon!

I also included some jewelry display storage because they were just too cute to not include.

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Natasha Evans
Natasha Evans
Jul 04, 2020

I always use acrylic drawers and containers for my makeup. I love re-organising it too and bought 2 new storage containers today, haha!

Tash -


M Maria Fuggle
M Maria Fuggle
Jul 03, 2020

Lovely Storage Ideas! I use lots of storage for pretty much everything including earrings and brooches. xx

Elegant Duchess xx


The Exclusive Beauty Diary
The Exclusive Beauty Diary
Jul 02, 2020

These makeup storage ideas are great. Thank you for sharing.

New Post -


Radostina Blagoeva
Radostina Blagoeva
Jun 26, 2020

Seeing things organized this way makes my heart happy. It's the best feeling ever.

I too recently organized my bed side drawers.


Sarah Phillips
Sarah Phillips
Jun 25, 2020

I love the rolling cart idea. My make up is just stored in a big make up bag but it's not the best. Often the things at the bottom get ignored and I'm accidentally wasteful.

xo Sarah |

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