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Mexico travel guide - make the most of your vacation

The perfect travel guide for a 5 day stay, that is safe, allows you to chill by the beach but also get off the resort and explore Mexico's most beautiful place.

To be honest - my man planned the trip, obviously we talked about it before he booked to make sure all the activities we both wanted to do, we both likes the resort etc..

We stayed in Mexico Cancun, we did leave the resort but you do have to be smart. Stay with the tour group, do not wander off.

All Inclusive Resort

All inclusive resorts in Mexico are great you do not have to worry about anything! Food, drinks, there are pools, the ocean is there - it is beautiful and safe. There is a lot of worry about going to Mexico with everything going on. However, the police where always going back and forth on the beaches, and in the resort area we stayed at.

We where at the GR Solaris

Chichen Itza

We got to learn a lot about the history of the Mayan, the Mayan calendar. There is also a snake that you can see go up and down the pyramid at certain times. It is crazy that this is as old as it is, and how ahead of their time Mayan people were.

Cenotes open and closed

A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock. The water is clean and has been naturally filtered. We were able to swim in both cents.

The cenotes for the Maya culture have been a symbol of gateway to the world of the dead: the Xibalbá.

Snorkelling In Mexico

This was so much fun, saw so many cool fished that were not photographed - like a rainbow fish. We also saw Dori!


The Mayans migrated here after being kicked out of their home on the other side of Mexico.


Links to the Excisions we did :

The Median Food

The coffee was amazing I could drink it black, the orange juice was so good and so was the pineapple. We also had a lot of fresh coconuts - It was fun to watch the process of how they break them open to get the coconut fat out.

We also did 2 tequila tastings with our travel groups. El Jefe - defiantly my favourite. Got to learn about how tequila only burns going down because it is commercialized, mass produced, real good tequila you can sip. I am not a shots girl but that was the best tequila I sipped and took shots of.

I also ate a lot of guacamole and tacos lol.

Roaming Around Mexico

With our tour guide!

This was a cute little town with unique shops. I loved that even though there were a lot of stray dogs they were all so happy, healthy looking and friendly.

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