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my most worn pieces in 2020 so far

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Fashion, fashion, fashion! That is kind of how started. 2020 has been the definition of " cute outfit with no where to go" . However, even with Covid I have been dressing up everyday and sitting on my couch haha... Then my mom comments "oh where you going? why are you wearing your nice clothes just to stay at home?" Clothing, getting dressed up really puts you in a better mood and mindset.

woman wearing mesh star top holding small purple bag she is smiling and wearing glasses

Now that the world is slowly opening back up at least we have some where to show off our cute, trendy summer outfits. We also have a new 2020 accessory. The trending face mask! I am glad people are wearing them, making them fashionable and incorporating them into their wardrobe as a wardrobe staple. I know I have five in my car and I keep some face masks in the house to, for my walks with Lola I will also wear a face mask. Needless to say a face mask has been one of my most worn accessories of 2020. I am calling it an accessory for the sake of this post ..meh.

Here are some face masks :

My Favorites from Shein

Before covid hit the entire world I put in an order from Shein. I also did a post on my blog about my Shein haul and Shein review. I will link that here: Shein Haul and Review

I was really excited to wear my outfits out, going to Toronto, taking them to the trip I planned to England... Covid was like nahhh.

woamn wearing high heels blazer and shorts

flatlay of fashion items. shoes bags, blazer and white top and shorts

First pair above are the ones I have purchased. I also included other shorts- same style but different colours.

Anyways, if you follow me on Instagram -> ShyyShianne you will know I have been living in these shorts. They are my favorite denim shorts, they are light weight, distressed high wasted jean shorts. I have been wearing them with this black belt that I also got from Shein. It comes in a package of 3 for $10 - one black belt, one white belt and one brown belt. I think the belts are a great buy especially if you are like me and own no belts. It is a great way to get all your belt basics. Belts just really help to tie together a look and elevate your outfit.

Shorts Sizing Tip - size down! I am wearing a small and they are a little big on me.

I could not find the exact blazer I have shown but I found some really cool blazers that I will be adding to my shopping cart. Blazers help a basic jean and t-shirt or shorts and t-shirt look in this case to look a lot more put together and stylish.

My necklace is from Amazon. I have found some amazing jewelry pieces from there recently. Let me know if you guys have found anything cool on Amazon lately?!

I have a gift card for Amazon and I want to spend it haha..

woman throwing bag towards camera . she is wearing a black mesh top with a black crop top under neath

woman posing by tree wearing streetwear style mesh top

Another top I have been wearing a lot from my Shein haul is this mesh star top. Perfect for the summer. You could wear a black bra under neath but paired it with a black crop top. I also styled the look with this cute violet handbag with a ruffled handle. It is the perfect colour for the summer. You can size up or down, I feel like sizing and the fit doesn't really matter when it comes to this top because it is sheer.

Edgy Outfits

My boyfriend jeans and coach loafers! These I have been wearing for years. You guys always love these ripped boyfriend jeans, always commenting on my Instagram photos, I love how much you guys love the fit on me :)

They are the perfect summer jeans. They are light weight, easy to style.

Jeans Sizing Tip -They run true to size .

womans closet, clothing rack and dog on the bed

Also, these coach loafers are the best investment piece. I am not used to spending money on shoes but I am glad I did. They are like walking on a cloud. They are so comfortable to walk in. They go with everything. You can wear them with jeans, shorts or a dress. They can be worn in the summer, spring and fall. They are also such chic loafers.

Shoes Sizing Tip- they run true to size!

Casual Outfits to Office Attire

As the world slowly opens opens back up I have also been wearing some pieces that are versatile. They go from weekday to weekend, day to night, and you can wear them to work and as casual wear.

This vest is only $15! I have it in the pattern below and also black! You can style it up with heels and jewelry or down by wearing flats. I got this vest from Urban Planet. I shop there a lot! They always have everything you need at a great price.

Vest Sizing Tip - runs true to size

woman wearing a vest heels and jeans office outfit

Basic Clothing Pieces You Need in Your Wardrobe

Back to basics! Theses are my favorite basic fashion pieces that every woman needs in their closet. These are definitely my capsule wardrobe pieces, my holy grail clothing.

mirror selfie of outfit, shorts brown bag watch and black top

Bodysuits, bodysuits!!! I live in them especially this black long-sleeve bodysuit. I have had it for years. I wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts... Again it is a staple in your closet that goes from day to night. I also have a bunch of bodysuit tanks that I wear as well. So easy to wear especially when you have an active day of running around, they stay in place and you do not have to worry about readjusting your outfit.

Sizing Tip- they run true to size

My Favorite Shoes of 2020

Sandals are of course a summer trend. I like to have shoes that take me from each season. Summers are so short in Canada so I do not like to invest too much into sandals. I will also buy a lot of flats. Flats are great ! I can wear them almost all year round, until it starts snowing.

shoes, coach shoes, walmart shoes, ardene shoes

flatlay of shoes, heels and sandals


Everything below is from Nasty Gal. I have been loving there styles, accessions lately!

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Manishkumar Ambaliya
Manishkumar Ambaliya
25 maj 2021

Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.


07 sep. 2020

Nice post!

Such an inspiration, i love how you style them :)


Rika - <a href="">The Best New Lip Care Products 2020</a>


Liz Breygel
Liz Breygel
03 sep. 2020

Your fashion pieces of 2020 are truly stylish and beautiful. My most worn pieces so far are a pair of stretched jogger pants and my hubby's old t-shirt :)

Lots of love ♥ <a href="">January Girl</a>


Juanita likes
Juanita likes
02 sep. 2020

I love that mesh top on you, so cute! I need to get me some loafers and a blazer for A/W. Cute style post Shianne. Enjoy the rest of your week : ) xo


01 sep. 2020

You look great! Love the blazer and short outfit! So cute along with the starry top.

Loren | <a href="">Plaid + Sugar</a>

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