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neons- outfit and nails

I hate colour. 

Well I like to surround myself with colour, cute home decor, stationary yada yada... 

But I live in black, head-to-toe black everyday, all day! 

However for some unknown reason I gravitated to neon's this spring/summer. Which was a good thing because neon dominated the spring fashion shows with designers like Prabal Gurung, Brandon Maxwell and Virgil Abloh showcasing neon looks . I know I am a little late with this trend but summer Neons will also surprising be a fall fashion trend as well.

Neon is a bold choice and if you are like me and can not commit to a neon jumpsuit or sleek neon blazer and pant suit. I have some ways to help you dip your toe into the neon trend.

I bought this crop top from Urban Planet and by pairing it with a light wash ripped jean it mutes the neon a little. If you were to pair it with a black jean it would make the neon appear brighter. I also added it with a ripped jean to add texture to the look.Accessories play a huge part but I kept it simple and let the t-shirt be the star of the show.

Another way to add neon to your style is through beauty .

If you are not for buying neon clothing, neon nails will help you to explore your comfort zone with neon's. I painted all my nails different colours of neon's but you can choose one colour. I think this is a great way to add colour to your beauty routine this summer. 

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