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New Years Outfit 2019

I know I am posting this before Christmas, but I like to prepare all my looks in advance and Christmas is so close to New Year Eve! 

I very rarely go out for New Year Eve, but I do like to get dressed up for it, even if I am sitting at home with the family it is fun to make the night special even just by getting dressed up.

However if you want to be cozy at home I have a few New Years Eve looks for that too:

New Years Eve looks usually include sequins, gold, silver and black and I love all those elements! I added some of those elements into my look.

My entire look is from the thrift store ( its a vintage look, haha..). I love to thrift things, you can find the most unique pieces. I went to Talize to find the dress and the blazer. The brand of the dress is H&M and the blazer is Dynamite

The shoes are the only things that I did not thrift... I have big feet its hard to find my size so cut me some slack ! They are from ALDO on sale might I add hahah... 

The watch is from Anne Klein but you can find it on my Amazon Shop <--- click to buy

The bag is kind of thrifted, I took it from my mom's closet...

Even though you may not be able to find these exact piece I have included similar pieces so you can get the look! I also included some pieces that are totally different from this look BUT pieces I am in LOVE with! They are just too good I had to share them! 

Some of the pieces I feel in love with :

Click the Images to Shop


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