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November Recap

November has been a little all over the place for me. I also can not believe we are almost done 2020. UMM... What the fcuk happened ?? I swear I remember it being New Year's Eve, sitting with the family and enjoying the night. Now 2020 is almost done!

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It is crazy how much has happened globally in a year and even personally!

Anyways let me just get into this months recap ->

How I have been Emotionally

Emotionally November has been such a weird month. I do not know if it was because of the full moon lasting a week into November from Halloween and the blue moon on Halloween, but my mood was off!

A lot of people believe that when there is a full moon people go a little crazy, they are just not themselves. I have noticed that in others, especially working in retail. We always say when customers are a lot less patient, customers are throwing a fit - ohh there must be a full moon, and they're always is. However, I never thought I would be affected by it.

For a good 2 weeks, I felt, anxious, emotional, and when I was working I always felt outside of my body. It was so weird. I did have less anxiety when Joe Biden won the election!

I think I was just in my head about a lot of random things and did not have enough time to journal, once I did that I started to feel better. I always say journalling has so many benefits. It helps you to process and understand your feelings, also release some of those feelings.

Lola Peed on My Bed

I was just like.. what the fcuk! haha...

I was getting ready to go out. I left the room for 5 minutes. I go into my room, Lola is laying on the end of my bed, I got to pet her... and what do I see. I see pee on my white duvet covers, I also have a feather bed to keep me warm during the cold Canadian nights! That feather bed is very expensive and dry clean only!

So her pee got on both my duvet and feather bed. I was not as pissed as I thought I would be. I was more upset at the timeline of it. Right before I had to leave the house.

I told her off. I said, " you are 3 years old, you have never broken your potty training, you know better than this". I also said, " what are you a cat, you are pissed at me so you pee on my bed. You are a dog!"


I think maybe because I have not been home too much. She may not be happy about that. Anyways I cleaned my sheets, threw them in the wash. I can not stay mad at her, I really don't like leaving the house mad at her.

.... a week later she peed on my bed again. I was in my happy place decorating my room for Christmas, I was getting in the grove. My sister walks in and says OHH MY GOSH. Then I smelt the pee. I was PISSED.

Lola's Surgery and My Man

I was SOOO PISSED. If you have followed me for a while now you know Lola has had a lot of health issues. Ever since I got her it has been one issue after another. I thought this was the one thing that would never happen. I thought I had this covered with all the dental sticks and this liquid I put in her water bowl. NOPE.

woman holding flowers

One day I noticed it was getting uncomfortable for her to chew raw carrots. I took her to the vet to get her annual shots and asked them to check her teeth. They told me she has a lot of tartar build-up and needs to get her teeth cleaned.

Getting your dog's teeth cleaned is a whole day, a whole stressful, anxiety-filled day!

They put your dog to sleep to do the cleaning. That scared the crap out of me because you never know, some people, dogs do not wake up after anesthesia. I spent the entire week stressed about these teeth cleaning.

My man could definitely tell I was stressed and he offered to come with me for support. Which I thought was very sweet, yet kinda uncomfortable for me. Only because I am not used to having someone there for me, who is offering to be there for me emotionally. I always handle shit on my own, do not let people see me get emotional. Even in past relationships when I needed the other person, they were never there, they found a reason not to be. Unlike me who was always the rock of the relationship. That is why it is VERY hard for me to ask for help, or any support, I am used to being the one that is that support for others.

I am glad he was there though, and that he offered to be there, I did not even have to ask him. He helped to make the day go by faster and take my mind off of it.

The vet called me in the afternoon to say Lola had to have a tooth taken out. This is due to it being chipped and becoming infected. So, that happened. They took the tooth out and I continued to stress.

Finally, at 7 p.m. after dropping her off at 11 a.m. she was done. We went to pick her up, she seemed normal. I was just happy to have her back. My man sat passenger side with Lola in his arms and they both judged my driving haha...

The next day she was back to normal running around, barking, causing trouble. Sucks, that she had to go through it, that I thought I was preventing this from ever happening... it sucks it was an $800 vet bill!

But I am happy she is okay, her tooth that is chipped got taken care of and I am so happy that my man was with me!


You Guys! - BIG thank you!

With the algorithm on Instagram changing it is so much harder to reach new users, end up on the explorer page, or even on top of your main feed.

I stopped posting every day because I was getting very discouraged.

However, recently you guys have been sliding in my direct messages on Instagram!

If you do not follow me, follow me :) -> ShyyShianne

Anyways! You guys have been reaching out via my direct messages and even commenting on my photos and I love it!

It honestly makes me so happy to hear you guys are loving my content, engaging in my content! Even when you guys reach out to ask questions about something I have purchased. I love talking to all of you and connecting with you! That is one of the reasons I started blogging because it is such a great community. I also love knowing when you have purchased a product I have recommended and how you like it!

- Basically, I am just saying a BIG THANK YOU! for the encouragement. When you all reach out it is so encouraging for me to keep doing what I love regardless of the annoying algorithm.

Are any of you having a hard time with the Instagram algorithm ???

Let me know in the comments below!

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