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pajamas all day, every day

Growing up I used to live in my pajamas!

When I say live in my pajamas I mean I used to go to school in them and on weekends I would spend the entire day in them.

Obviously, as I got older that became less acceptable. Although, sometimes I do go to work in clothes that could be mistaken for pajamas... My boss really appreciates that.

I still love my pajamas and love to look cute even when I go to bed. This pajama set is so adorable and comfortable . I bought the set online from Urban Planet. The set also comes with two matching scrunchies, for all my 90's babies! I will forever love scrunchies!

The set was only $19.99 and it was by one get one 50% off! So needless to say I have pajamas for everyday of the week!

For the same set I bought :

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