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Pinterest Style - shop your closet

I, like many, am obsessed with Pinterest. I often find myself looking at other people's style saving their looks and wishing I had their style. I also often find that I like to switch my style up, from girly to grunge to chic and timeless. Then I start shopping because I am so inspired by all the Pins I have saved, but then I realize I do not want to keep spending money especially when I already have so many clothes. - It is a crazy cycle, but that is how my mind works.

I have realized that many of the Pins I have saved, the clothing pieces worn I already have! It may not be the same but it is similar. I think I often forget one piece can be styled in multiple ways! Also, TO SHOP YOUR CLOSET!

So here are some examples of Pins I have saved and recreated with what is already in my closet:

ohhhh and here is my Pinterest ->> ShyyShianne

pinterest fashion

Look 1

ughhh I am obsessed with this look. I used to be so into blouses, I thought they were so chic. Then I started to hate them because I wanted to be more casual, edgy and this is the perfect look to make a blouse just that - casual and edgy

street style look


Look 2

Blazer, crop top, and denim !! Love this look it's a great way to make a blazer look casual, streetwear style vibes. I styled the look with sneakers, not heels because I was walking a lot that day. However, looking back at it I would have picked a different bag. Even though... I actually got a lot of compliments on my outfit while walking around Montreal.

pinterest fashion  paris style

montreal fashion model


Look 3

Styled this look for the amazing *cough cough* insert eye roll emoji .... Canadian winter. I love this look with combat boots which you could do or heels for a more chic vibe. I also put a turtleneck on, which keeps it cute and chic.

pinterest fashion  streetwear style


Look 3

Such an effortless look, easy to throw on and go and you look fireeeee ...

pinterest fashion graphic tee and boots

streetstyle look



I USED TO HATE CHEETAH PRINT... I do not know why... Anyways now I am loving it, especially this skirt I bought. I paired it with a crop top, heels, mini bag, and leather jacket. I have also worn it with combat boots and love that edgy look too!

toronto model

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