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rainbow latte

I found this cute shop while getting lost on the Instagram explore page. Versus Coffee shop-  They have a standard menu and then they also have a secret menu, which I had no idea about. I can not find an actual list of everything on the secret menu BUT I know the rainbow latte I got is on the secret menu. They also have a smore drink and matcha drink I know about.  The staff is super sweet and the shop has such a relaxed vibe, I am sure if you asked them what is on there secret menu they would have no problem listing it off. 

Even the people who come in for coffee are so chill, and easy going it's definitely a different vibe fro the normal rushed, busy vibe I feel at certain coffee shops.

 It is definitely the cutest cup of coffee/ late I have ever had.  They are very creative with there coffee. The decor is militaristic with a pop of floral wall art .

It is so funny I went to college so close to this spot and never thought to go inside. I guess I was to busy, stressed to notice it. I am glad I got to stop in and enjoy a nice latte. 

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