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September Recap - New Beginnings

It has been a stressful one... but hopefully with some new lifestyle changes I can get a hold of my stress and calm the FU*K DOWN!

There was a lot of work, time and stress that went on that past month with my latest career shift, I also had a lot of sad, stressful family issues going on while trying to make things happen in my career, working on the blog and jewelry line.

I felt pulled in a million directions, work wise and I was driving hours everyday. I was running on empty just trying to get through the day.

the best restaurants in toronto

My Career

I switched from Part-Time to Full-Time. The commute is also so much closer. I really am going to miss my other team. It is so hard to find a team were everyone gets on so well. I am loving this new commute better though. I find I have more time either before or after my shift to get things done like: cooking, cleaning, shooting content, writing post, and spending time with Lola.

I feel so bad that I have not gotten the chance to take her out in a while, other than walks. I am finally spending time with her which takes away some of the Dog Mum Guilt!

My Blog and Instagram

I have been slacking... I used to post everyday and do stories, my engagement was amazing. It has all been down hill lately, I feel that I will get back to it now that my career situation is better. Despite working more hours I know that the commute is better so I do not have to leave hours before my shift to get to work.

I have also been putting some boundaries up with social media. I like to keep some things private. I also like to take breaks were I am not on my phone for hours engaging with other peoples content. I used to spend 3 hours a day on Instagram to get those followers and build relationships. That was way to much ! Yes, I saw results but my priorities are not being glued to my phone anymore.

I still want to do what I love but not stress about it as much as I used to. I want to enjoy it and not be in competition with my self.

fall fashion inspo

Exploring Toronto

the library café in toronto

- I got a matcha latte - get it sweetened, I did not ... and it was okay would of been way

better sweet

byblos in toronto - downtown location

- the dumplings a must try

- the sweet rice was also sooo good

- the fried chicken was good too but the Kabobs were sooo good they are a must try!

my monthly favorite's

A bunch of stuffz I have been loving this month and will also be loving for Fall!

click the photos for links to get the items I have been obsessed with

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