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shein haul and review

I love cheap but good quality fashion. I feel bad spending too much money on clothing, especially because I tend to get bored of things so quickly. My style is always changing- some days I like to have edgy style, casual style, wear active-wear, girly style, or be business casual. When I open my closet I have a lot of fun pieces. All my clothing is unique and different.

Do not get my wrong I do love my basics! Every girls closet needs to contain the staples - black and white tank tops, t-shirts, good pair of jeans, leggings etc...

When I shop now I look for those unique pieces because I already have built a great base of staples in my closet. When I look for these unique or trendy pieces I do not care to spend too much money on them. Trends come and go, so I would rather invest my money on staple items not trendy pieces. However, there are a few trendy pieces that are worth investing in. That is totally up to you to decide!

I have seen so many people and bloggers buying off of Shein. I am always nervous buying from websites that do not have actual retail stores. I have heard stories of people missing things from their packages, being over charged etc... I did my research before purchasing from Shein.

Why I Decided to Buy from Shein

The price - they have a great price range. I went to them to find different pieces.

The selection - they have everything, from trendy to basics, from fashion to home.

They had reviews with photos - online shopping is always hard for me. Each store has a different fit. So the photos and reviews from people helped me to find my true fit. They also provide a fitting guideline.

I can not lie I just wanted some cheap priced clothing, that was different.

What was in my Cart

What I Bought!

I narrowed down my cart to the following ->

I bought all this for $90! . Lets be honest I will probably end up buying all the stuff I added to my cart above because I really liked everything. Especially that pink furry coat- it is my vibe.

shein haul and review fun fashion for under $90

After Purchasing

It takes up to 2 weeks for them to deliver. Due to covid-19 it did end up taking a few days longer which they disclosed at the check out.

When I got the products they were all wrapped in there own bags that said Shein on them. The bag I was surprised they provided extra packaging to so it would not get scratched. I was happy about that. Overall it was great the way they packaged everything.

Shein Clothing Review

The quality! You get what you pay for! You can not expect to be getting Gucci, Micheal Kors, J Crew quality for under dirt cheap. The quality was okay. The tops were light fabrics, which are good for summer months and can be warn in the winter if you layer your looks. The pink crop top is super cute, love the pearl details. I also bought the white blouse, it has Channel inspired buttons running down the front and on the wrist there are buttons. They are attached well, not falling off or anything.

The denim distressed shorts I bought. The fabric was okay like a normal pair of shorts. The button on the other hand you could tell was cheaply attached to the shorts. It kinda was dangly off. It is an easy fix if it falls off.

The handbag. SOOO... this was a stupid on my part.... I thought it was going to be bigger. I got too excited and did not check the measurements. I am still loving this pastel purple bag though. The quality of the bag is okay. The chain is okay, the quality of the fabric and ruffled handle is like any other bag you would buy.

I also bought nail stickers. Which are what they are hahha... I have no complaints about them. My family loves them. My nails turned out super cute. Its a unique way to do your manicure.

The belts. I have no belts so this was a great buy. 3 belts for $10! and one in each colour! Great basic for my closet, an accessory staple. They are not the best quality because they are not real leather. However, the quality is good.

To sum up my Shein Review - I was surprised and happy with my purchase. The quality was good, the price was great. I was nervous I would never get my package, that they would forget items or I would be overcharged. None of that happened.

I would order from them again!

I did some flatlays of the clothing items I bought encase you want to style them !

fashion styling - edgy top , shorts , handbags

girly style pink crop top with jeans and pearl hair clips

As you can probably tell buy all the stuff I bought my style is not that consistent but that is what makes fashion so fun. You can play around with your looks, your style depending on your mood. I am excited to incorporate all these fashion pieces with the rest of the clothing in my closet to create different looks.

Let me know what your Shein experience was? Have you ordered from them ?

Have you online shopped at any other clothing stores? Which ones would you recommend to other people and me ?

Leave a comment bellow !!

You can also DM me at -> ShyyShianne

I also have all my other favorite fashion items on my Like to Know it , all the outfits I have been wearing and loving--> ShyyShianne

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