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snowies bingsu

Snowies Bingsu is a Korean Shaved Ice Dessert  shop located at 169 Dundas St E in Mississauga. Bingsu is a traditional dessert in Korea. It is popular especially during the summers in Korea. It is  made from fine flavors shaved iced,  such as milk, chocolate, yogurt. There are also topping that are added, some of the toppings added are : fruits, red bean,  cereal flakes, ice cream etc... Some Bingsu will also come with condensed milk or sweet fruits syrup to put over the Bingsu. 

This was my first time trying the Korean dessert. I took my sister with me to try the dessert , it is a light dessert that is definitely shareable. We ordered one regular Oreo Bingsu and it was more than enough for the both of us. They offer two sizes, small and regular. Snowies Bingsu offers different flavors of Bingsu such as : oreo, fruit, grape , matcha, strawberry cheesecake, injelomi, grape and mango . If you want to try more than one flavor I recommend ordering the small of each flavor you wish to try because the portions are still large even though it is a small.  They also offer teas, toasts and cold drinks. 

The decor was so girly, cute and unique. Marble table tops, pink chandeliers, pastel pink and blue setting and the neon sign were all eye catching. I know I could not stop looking around. My sister loved the the decor as well- which is one of the reasons I took her with me, I knew she would appreciate all the pink decor and the fact that the decor was unique. 

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