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#StayAtHome Urban Planet Sale!

So.. Coronavirus has put a stop on life BUT not shopping. A lot of retails are doing the right thing and closing their doors. They are however providing free shipping and some awesome deals!

Urban Planet is a brand I have been wearing since forever! Ever since I was in middle school and slowly started finding my sense of fashion I have always shopped with them. I have grown with the brand. From wearing the brand Stitches, Urban Planet, and Sirens. They have always been an affordable retail that is on trend.

The coronavirus has put a stop to the world, a lot of people are working from home. We have a lot more free time on our hand- well if we are not panicking and hording toilet paper. Anyways, I have been creeping a lot of online stores, retailers for some awesome deals.

At the moment they are having a 50% off Sale - no exceptions plus Free Shipping !

So here are some of my top picks !

*click the photos to shop the pieces*

By the way..

Can you tell pastels are on trend for spring 2020. I love pastels, and Urban Planet is definitely a retailer that is aware of trends and delivers on them!

These are all amazing fun, staple fashion pieces that will be in your closet forever.

pastel fashion on trend for spring 2020

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