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Sweet & Spicy Jewls

That's right ladies and gents - I have my own jewelry collection!

Keep scrolling to see the collection, why I started a jewelry line, and the concept behind the brand!

(My hair is a mess, but at least my Jewelry is Cute)


Why a Jewelry Line

I have always wanted to start my own business. I have always had a hard time narrowing it down to one concept, one idea. As you all know I have many passions, hence ShyyShianne - Check out my Instagram if you have not already ->> ShyyShianne .

I have started other "businesses" but never wanted to continue to pursue them further despite having a lot of customers interested. It was never the right thing or time. It was also usually someone else's idea. I am sure we have all been there when we are at a family event and your family is pressuring you to start your own business, make your own money, that's how you will get ahead in life.

This time is definitely way different. I shut out all the outside noise and thought long and hard about what I TRULY WANTED TO DO. Something I could stand behind, something that would let me truly express my creativity, something that could grow and evolve with me. Sweet & Spicy is what that is for me.

I am now designing pieces I love, I would buy and wear, and I know I can stand behind these designs, materials and be proud of the products I have created.

This has been an idea for a long time now. I wanted to be 100% sure this is what I wanted to do before launching.

I have learned through the years I am not someone who can do something they are not passionate about. I need to be passionate about everything I am doing in life, it is emotional and creative fulfillment I want.


The Concept Behind SSJ

The idea came from me having two very prominent styles /moods:

Sweet -my sweet side, friendly, fun, girly style, flirty

Spicy - my attitude, street style, chic, timeless style, carefree, flare

My style has always been all over the place. I can go from girly to streetwear. From a cute blouse to a graphic tee and leather leggings to jeans and a tee. I want these pieces to seamlessly match everyone's style and outfits. Pieces that you do not have to think about, easy to throw on and style with whatever your style or outfit is.

I wanted to create a collection of pieces that you could layer with multiple pieces, that were timeless, that would carry you through the seasons and the coming years, pieces you never want to part with. Timeless and Fun.

A collection that has pieces for every mood and style ( sweet & spicy )

SHOP SSJ Collection ->> Sweet & Spicy Jewls

Shop the Look ->>


Our jewelry is 24k or 18k gold plated over steel or brass. All earrings are 18k gold plated. Rings are 24k gold plated over brass. For more information check each item, there will be a detailed description.

All pieces are hand made and made to order.

Limited Pieces

Some pieces are limited. If there is something you like and it has been sold out please contact me through my Etsy Shop.

Care Instructions

Please keep your Sweet & Spicy Jewls dry to preserve the quality.

I will always be coming out with new pieces, designs -

For Inspiration, Styling Tips, and To Keep Up With The Collection Click ->>

Sweet & Spicy Jewls Instagram

For More Information and to shop the Collection Click ->>

SHOP SSJ Collection ->> Sweet & Spicy Jewls


Pendants make for great gifts and are perfect to layer! Layering necklaces are so on-trend and have been since 2020!

Shop the Photo->>

I love choker necklaces! I am a 90's baby always haha.. These are again great for layering especially with the pendants above!


These are some more pendants I have created. I love all gold pieces but these pendants are gorgeous and can easily be styled with any of the above pieces.


Also, Check Out->>

Earrings, Rings, and Bracelets OHH MYYY (HAHA...)

Star drop-down earrings are perfect for a touch of sparkle.

Shop My Earrings->>

This chain bracelet is my favorite. It has white detailing throughout. So, it is not your typical solid gold chain bracelet.

Shop My Bracelets->>

These earrings are such a great staple for every woman or man's collection. Such an easy throw-on piece to elevate your look!

Shop My Rings ->>

Let me know what you guys think! I always love hearing from you all and connecting with you! I hope you guys like the collection :)

I will definitely be releasing more styles - rings, earrings, and bracelets especially! Obviously more detailed necklaces as well.

Again to keep up to date

For Inspiration, Styling Tips, and To Keep Up With The Collection Click ->>

Sweet & Spicy Jewls Instagram

For More Information and to shop the Collection Click ->>

SHOP SSJ Collection ->> Sweet & Spicy Jewls

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