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What to do when you get in a car accident - my story

Updated: Mar 20

What Happened #StoryTimeWithShy

I was stopped behind the stop sign. I wanted to make a left turn, but there was a lot of traffic passing by.

There was a Bell Canada truck parked behind me no one was in it. Traffic was going by I was waiting for the road to clear. It was snowing but all the drivers that where heading in the same direction this boy was were driving fine, they had no trouble.

The guy who hit me was going straight, but then slid into hit my car, the left front of my car.

When I saw him coming towards me I could tell on his face he did not even brake, he did nothing to steer the car away from hitting my car. The entire time he knew his car was going to hit mine he kept eye contact with me and his hands were resting on the wheel. He just hit my car like he was intending to. He did not seem phased at all, he was relaxed.

There was nothing I could of done to prevent this. I could not of moved back because I would of hit the Bell Canada truck that was parked by the stop sign. I could not of drove quickly forward because there was on coming traffic.

He hits my car, pushing it. Then he backs up, he did not even look behind him when backing up. As he is backing up, he is dragging my car with him because his front was hitched onto my car.

He seemed as if he was going to take off because he was adjusting his wheels to get back onto the main road. I got out of my car, I stood out in front of his car, then moved by the window of his car he said "insurance will pay for it, insurance will pay for it" he kept on yelling that. NO sorry nothing.

I asked for his information he would not give it to me. He said just "take a picture of my plate" I said I can not because it is attached to my FUCKEN CAR. That is when he put his car in park and got out to get his plate. I ran to the back of his car to take a picture of that plate, he would not give me any other information. He tried to get into his car I stood in front of his car door I asked for his license took a picture of that but before that he said I will just give you my number he was sketchy and was not present I do not trust him to give me the right info. I did make sure to tell him I am taking a photo of your ID, because I did not want it to come back to me that I did not ask.

He seemed not aware of what happened. He was so weird, something was off about him, I do not know if he was high or drunk but he seemed to be.

He was still saying "insurance will pay for it, insurance will pay for it".

He quickly moved around me and got into his car and speed off without even looking behind him to see if oncoming traffic was passing.

What To Do After Getting Hit

Throughout all of this I was taking photos and video.

I have a front camera and rear camera in my car but because of the angle he hit me it did not catch the car accident.

After he left I tried to take more detail photos and video. Of my car and the street signs as well.

I did call my mom, then the police, NOT 911 but the police station number. That way I could get a report done. They said they did not need to see the car that they could fill out the report at my home. I was not sure if I was able to drive my car. I tried moving the car. After picking up all the piece of my car and putting it into my car, ughhhhh...

Anyways, I tried moving the car, I was not able to make left terns as he hit the left side of my car. So I thought I can make right turns in order to get home I only need to make right turns. I tried that, but realized it was to much of a risk.

Tow Truck

I called a tow truck company, they said they were to busy, so they gave me another company. I called and I told the man were I was, his line was crap so I could not hear him, I did not know if he was telling my 4 minutes or 4 hours, then he hung up. I wanted to cry!

I was doing everything I could to fix the situation and nothing was banning out. The guy who hit me was not cooperating and I did not know if someone was coming to get me.

Eventually, a nice man came to tow the car, he gave me all my options:

1. You tow it to the police station for a report, then to a mechanic

2. Tow to my house were the police will be coming to do a report

3. Tow to his shop, call the police there

A police driver was driving by while we had this conversation, he said the best thing to do was go to the closest station.

He started to hook my car on, but my mom called saying the police will meet you at the scene so we just moved the car to the side.

Because of course people were honking, because of course they are blind to the fact that m,y emergency lights are on, that there are cops and that my car is getting towed.

The Police

The police arrived to do the report, I told them what happened. Gave them my information and the boys information : his plate and licence. They said they will call me to once they have his information and they will send me a report number.

Damage to My Car

The police and tow truck man looked at my car and said it is over $2000 worth of damage. In Ontario the law has changed that you have to call the police if the damage is $2000 and over, not $1000 and over anymore. My front bumper was off, the left light fell off, what was attached to my car was smashed in and my left wheel was no longer attached to the steering wheel. I did not know that until the tow truck man told me. He showed me, then he kicked my wheel around to a full 360.


1. I am always trying to prevent these things, I go out when no one is out on the road

2. I have been driving 7 years and no accident

3. I just bought this car

4.I just bought winter tires

5.Now this is going to be more shit on my plate to deal with, it will take up time and money

6.I am out of a car

7.Even though it was not my fault at all! My insurance will go up, which makes no sense to me, but hey companies just like to find anyway to make even innocent people pay more money. Its all a money game. Welcome to Canada...

Mechanic Options

This is my first accident, I had no clue of the process and what was the best options. My dumb as just signed the paper to this mechanic. When I should of just taken my time to sort it out. But I think because I was so calm during the crash in trying to handle it, just handle it, get all the information you can. That at this stage in the process I finally took it all in, and I was not able to process any further decisions.

Options of Where to Take Your Car After A Crash

1.To your mechanic, then call insurance company. You can still get your mechanic to work on your car if the insurance company does not associate with them.

2.If you have already called the insurance company take the car to a place that they recommend. This way if your car gets fixed and something happens to the part that they fix there is a warranty on that and you will not have to pay.

3.To the mechanic of the tow truck company you called - this is what I did because my mechanic was closed. Due to him being closed I would of had to pay out of my pocket for the tow truck.

When I got to the mechanics shop. I filled out the paper work, and for a rental. The insurance company made the claim, they covered cost for a rental, tow truck and will send someone to see the car. That could take up to a week. From there they would call me to tell me how much the damage is, and then the mechanic can work on the car. I did not have the incident report from the police because they still have not located the boy yet.

After that was done, I got into the rental car and left.

My Car

the guy who hit me-his car

When I Got Home

The police called me and emailed me the information of the boys insurance and the incident report number. I immediately called my insurance company and gave them the information.

I asked a few more questions

1.I signed my car to the mechanic, can I switch the mechanic to someone who the insurance company recommends?

Answer: Yes, however there maybe a clause in the documentation that says that I can not switch the car over. They will contact the company and get them to send the documents over. If yes the insurance company will tow the car to there recommend mechanic.

2.If I start to feel pain in my body, even a few days later can I still report it to you?

Answer: Yes, as long as I go to a family doctor and they right a report and what needs to be done to heal the pain or injury the insurance company will cover it.

The Problem

I was unaware that if you sign a work order from a mechanic that it means they have the right to work on your car when the insurance company releases funds. I was also unaware that if you decide to move your car to a mechanic approved by your insurance and you sign a work order you will have to pay the mechanic sometimes upwards of $2,000 out of your pocket(the insurance company will not cover that). The insurance company will cover the cost of the tow from one mechanic to a recommended mechanic.

The mechanic I went to was not my mechanic, later found out my mechanic would of picked up my call and taken my car in even though he was closed- you live and you learn, unfortunately. He did recommend I take it to a mechanic approved by the insurance as well.

The mechanic that my car is at is not on the list of recommended mechanics by the insurance company, however they have worked with them in the past.Do your research! I read some not so nice reviews about these guys, but there were also some okay reviews. I went to the mechanic because they were not picking up my insurance companies calls because the insurance company wanted them to send the work order form to them, to help me get out of it.

I got the work order ( that my dumb ass signed).I spoke to the insurance company and they did say the mechanic went about getting me to sign in a wrong way. They said they saw you were a young woman, first accident, no man with you, alone and threw papers at you to sign while you were on the phone and you were in shock. It amazes me that people take advantage of you and assume because you are a woman that they can do so. Anyone in a state of shock man or woman can be easily manipulated. I think because I took immediate action when the accident happened that by the time I got to the mechanic,sat in the car, I had time to process the accident and I was in shock, it was a cluster fuck what happened and a rushed process(on the mechanics side). -I am aware that I could sue if they gave me a problem in releasing the car, because of the fact they took advantage of me not being in a normal state of mind.

The mechanic did say I could sign a release form to have the insurance company take it. He tried to convince me otherwise and I am aware that there are pros and cons to both options. I told him when the appraiser comes, call me and my insurance company will call me with the information and then I will proceed with my choice of mechanic. The current mechanic said if I do release the car from him he will email me a resale form and it can all be done over email. The cost to store the car at that mechanic will be covered by insurance until they are able to tow it to a mechanic approved by the insurance company that I have chosen.

Choosing a Mechanic

RESEARCH! Includes Google and asking people of their experiences. I asked around and everyone said safe bet go with a mechanic your insurance recommends, this way if anything happens to the parts fixed OR parts associated with that they will go after the mechanic to fix it for free. My cousin told me to go with a mechanic that specializes in the make of my car.

I asked the insurance company for a list of there mechanics. I looked at all the reviews and weighed my options. I then called the dealership I bought my car at and other dealerships that specifically sold the brand of car I have. I asked where they would recommend, and I asked if those were approved by insurance companies. I found a mechanic that I feel kinda comfortable with..I say kinda because I in life your are never guaranteed a perfect out come.

This mechanic is recommended by the insurance company and the dealership that I bought my vehicle from.


Waiting for this man to check my car seemed to take forever. The process is that the mechanic makes his estimate of the damage and then the appraiser who works for the insurance company makes his. They then work on a number, if their numbers are different.

The appraiser also determines who is at fault for the accident. - If you do not agree with what they have determined you can fight it.

He said it was not my fault !

Picking Up My Car

So I had to go with this mechanic because of the work order. I picked up my car and took it straight to a Hyundai Dealership- because my car is a Hyundai. I wanted them to check everything! Give me paperwork . They found that the alignment of the car was not done properly so they fixed that. -document everything, take pictures so you can cover your ass!

The process SUCKED! I learned so much through the whole experience I am just glad I have a great support system


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