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why you should journal

I remember walking by the t.v. while my mum was watching The Oprah  Winfrey Show. She was speaking about what she does to find closure, what she does when she is mad, when she has these feelings she wants to communicate but can not bring her self to or she knows she wont get answers from the other person. I remember her saying she writes it down. Oprah writes it down, then she does nothing with it. 

There is so much power in writing it down. Instead of yelling and screaming at someone, asking for answers that you know you will never get the truth about or even if you are just feeling overwhelmed write in down! 

I also write it all down on my blog, here are some of my blog posts that have been the most detailed and open I have been about my life and struggles:

I was never one to journal, to do the "Dear Diary" thing. I did not understand what the point was about writing about what happened that day . That was too much work, took too much time. 

As I got older I realized it was not about what happened that day, its about how that day made you feel, what people did that made you feel a certain way, what stressed you out and why. It is about releasing that stress, writing down the good and bad  and how you feel about it. 

It helps you to recognize and become more self aware about how you feel about whats going on around you and how you can learn from certain situations. 

You do not have to journal everyday or every night be fore bed. We are all busy running around. However, I try to make it a habit to journal Saturday mornings while I am having coffee and Lola is sleeping beside me. 

Ever read your old journals? - that will show you how much you have grown as a person! 

It may also make you cringe my journals do. Hahah.. 

There is no correct way to journal. I do not believe you have to do it everyday but  when you are starting to feel overwhelmed or something of importance ( good or bad ) has happened that is definitely a good time to write it down. The importance of writing it down is not to just write the story of your life but also how it made you feel ! 

So try it! 

Side note it helps to have cute notebooks and pens :) 

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