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winter fashion must haves 2020

I feel like fashion trends kinda died down and loungewear took over!

I am still getting excited to dress up, go out, walk to the mail box hahah... That is me going out on the town, walking to the mail box.

woman in snow smiling

I know with covid we are all going out less. Now that it is cold we are going out way less then before. The summer at least let us enjoy hikes, being outside and meeting our family, friends that way. As the Covid-19 restrictions keep changing it is hard to actually go out. However, I still think you can dress up, wear the latest trends - that always helps me feel a little normal, and excited!

This blog post is less of a "winter 2020 fashion trends" and more of a winter 2020 fashion staples/ what I am wearing the most this winter season.

Cozy Outfit Ideas for Winter

If you are staying in or seeing your man for a movie night ... because lets be honest I do not even know if movie theaters are open at this point. I wake up everyday and the restrictions keep changing, I can not keep up!

I like a good cozy sweater - that is cute! and warm of course. And of course I am wearing leggings. I love me a good pair of black leggings.

Leather Leggings

They look so chic, edgy, they really elevate a basic look. I think this is a staple in my wardrobe. I pair them with a white blouse, chunky sweater, turtle neck. They are great because you can take them from fall to winter. It is such a great transitional fashion piece that will never go out of style.

white sweater

Amazon Slippers

YEP. ITS A WINTER FASHION MUST HAVE. I never used to be into slippers until my aunt bought me these :

They are so comfy, they have a great base, my back does not hurt because of the sole of the slipper is so comfortable . They are so fuzzy, I look forward to waking up and wearing them while having my cup of coffee- its the little things that make me happy!


I love a good throw on item. Cardigans are great to keep you warm, god knows I am cold 24/7 ! haha..

I also like how short cardigans have been making a comeback! I used to have so many of them and got rid of them. I love styling them with boyfriend jeans and an underarm bag. It is such a street wear look. I legit feel like such a blogger when I wear my cardigan like this hahah...

street style toronto

Short Cardigans

Long Cardigans

winter 2020 fashion

pink cardigan winter style

Coats and Jackets for Winter

I live for a thick coat. I live in Canada, it gets cold! I want a warm and chic, trendy coat that will not break the bank! We live in coats for more than half the year.

I have my coats that are warm, built for winter months:

I also have my coats that are warm but not for a blizzard. However, they are still very warm and trendy:


Is it weird that I never had sweaters until last year ! Now I am obsessed. I love styling them with jeans, layers and gold necklaces.

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Juanita likes
Juanita likes
Nov 23, 2020

I love cardigans too especially long ones in the autumn / winter and I'm a sucker for slippers. I hope you have a great week ahead : ) xo

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