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If you don't know what you need or if you just need direction we can help you! If you need help with furniture layout, paint colour selection, your event sourcing, home staging etc... Contact use for a consultation 

Space Planning
You send photos and measurements of the space and I’ll put together a design board, floor plan and source list so we can make a plan into a reality! We can also DIY,create artwork, paint, refurbish furniture based on your budget and design needs. 


If its to sell real estate or for a retail space. We will space plan, source, decorate and bring in furniture. Depending on the needs of the space we will source rental accessories, art and furniture for staging.
We also decorate for the season. If your home, retail space or business needs some decorative love during the holiday seasons we can also help with that! We can rent or buy for you and we will come to decorate, to get everyone in a festive mood.


We plan for small events. We make mood boards to establish the aesthetic of your event , then we bring it to life. We will contract out vendors depending on your needs and requirements. We can also personally decorate the event or contract out depending on the size of the event.

Balloon Decor 

Pricing May Vary Depending on Clients Needs 
Standard Pricing: 
Balloon Arch - $80 
Balloon Garland-$70
Balloon Arrangements-$30 

Event Decor

If your game for planning your own event that's amazing! But if you require some help in the decorating department we can help with that! Based on your needs and theme we can source and rent decor and come to your event and make it look picture perfect for you and your loved ones. 


 ​For more information on pricing or to make an appointment feel free to contact me!

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