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2023 spring-summer fashion trends

I like to filter out the fashion trends into wearable fashion... Sometimes some are just not wearable ( for me) for everyday. Also, some trends are just that trends for a quick second and they never come back. I do like it when trends come back because then you are not wasting your money, donating clothes just to re-buy them when they come back in trend.

I also walk through different shops that take the lead on trends. Shops like H&M, ZARA, Nordstrom even. I also check out luxury designers to see what they are planning for spring/summer fashion.

Here are some 2023 spring-summer fashion trends that will stay in style and come back!

- mesh/sheer moment with a crop top under

Over sized blazers

FYI I am seeing a lot of fuchsia / hot pink

Sheer everything

Baby blue

I feel like a girly girl when I wear a baby blue piece. I think kit just also looks great on all skin tones. It is such a soft romantic colour, and it will never go out of style. You can also make it street wear like styled in the photo below!

Neon ...again

For someone who lives in black I love a neon moment. I want to get into key neon pieces. Even if you are starting your colour wearing journey a all black look with a pop of neon from an accessory makes such a statement.

Cargo Pants

They can come off very casual. However, I love pairing them with a more romantic top. The contrast of tomboy to feminine with a cute top and some heels or combat boots is a look. It gives model off duty vibes.


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