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3 of the most underrated fashion brands you need to check out asap

You know I love Chanel, YSL, Alexander McQueen... I could keep going. But! there are some more affordable brands that are killing it with their quality, cost, unique designs, great basics, and timeless pieces.

I love how these brands have been coming to the forefront more and more the past year or so. They have been established luxury, designer brands for a while, but they are pivoting their designs and killing it!


Confession ... growing up I though Coach bags were for older people.... They had classic designs in black leather, and luggage ( that nice brown colour I am now obsessed with). If you look at their vintage designs ohhh my god sooo goood. I think now that I have more of an appreciation for bags, deigns, the perfect colour, material I understand how Coach has lasted so long in the designer industry.

They are now staying true to that vintage craftsmanship, with a modern flare keeping that timeless aesthetic . They are also providing more trendy pieces but with their timeless bag shapes.

Coach is also providing affordable options. Outlet Coach's are in a lot of outlet malls, as well as online.

They also still have their retail shops. The difference between the two... Retail and Outlet. Outlet has different designs at lower cost, they sometimes carry last seasons overstock from retail!

My favourites from Coach:

2. Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger is a luxury British footwear and accessories brand, founded in 1963.

They are a brand bringing colour, fun, unique pieces to Canada. I do not know how long they have been in Canadian retailers like Nordstrom but they are definitely worth checking out!

The eagle :"Symbols of our DNA: an eagle-head for strength, and London for innovation."

Creativity is what drives them and you can tell by their designs - "Creativity is what drives us. We like to make unique style statements and for over fifty years our team of in-house shoe and accessory designers have been creating authentic, distinctive designs built to empower and embolden our community. The rainbow is our signature. It represents the good energy and love we have for our community and the many ways we collectively express our individual style."

Some of my new favourite designs :

3. Marc Jacobs

I know this is nothing new, especially because their snapshot bags, jacquard ( the tote bag) are so popular. However, they are practical and well designed with some amazing colour combinations that are fun but wearable for everyday.

I am also loving the J Mac shoulder bag. I love Marc Jacobs wiliness to play with the shoulder strap and metals.

Some of my favourite designs:

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