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advent calendar

I finally got a beauty advent calendar and I am so excited! I have always opted not to purchase one because of the price point of most of them being so expensive. I have realized though that it is worth it, the actual cost of each product is more than paying for the advent calendar - so you are getting a better deal.

I bought the CIATE LONDON -Nail Advent Calendar

The regular price is $71 but the actual value is $258 . I bought the advent calendar online at Sephora while they had there insider sale! So I got 10% off. Getting a good deal always makes it better. Next year I will be doing the same- waiting for the Insider Sale so I can get a better deal LOL

Other great advent calendars that are worth the price point :


Every year them come out with something new. It is worth the money because you get a little of everything from face masks to lipsticks.


There are two different calendars at different price points

I have always wanted one of these. They have great products that you will defiantly be using day-to-day.

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