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Capsule jewelry collection - jewelry pieces to start your collection

I never realized the importance of a capsule jewelry collection until I started my own jewelry company Sweet and Spicy Jewls.

As I started to create and add pieces to the brand I realized how important good staple jewelry pieces are, timeless jewelry that can last the test of time and trends.

As much as I have fun, unique, colourful pieces I have started to understand the importance of good, not boring basics and how they can be the foundation for layering pieces, and layering them with your more unique pieces.

I have always though of jewelry as the cherry on top. It completes the look, your outfit and can really take it to the next level!

My capsule jewelry collection

Pendant Necklaces

I love a dainty light weight necklace that can take you from day to night. A necklace you can easily layer or wear on its own.

I know a lot of my medallion pendant necklaces are my bestsellers. They while dainty can make a subtle statement, which I love!

Chain Necklaces

For my street style lovers. I feel if it is a herringbone chain necklace or rope necklace a good chain necklace in your capsule collection is a must. It is great to layer even with more dainty pieces or wear on its own, It really can add an edge to your style.


I love love when people stack a bunch of dainty bracelets, who doesn't love some arm candy?


I mean I feel like gold hoops have rightfully taken over as everyones everyday earrings! The more I see celebrities street style,or models off duty looks they all seem to be wearing gold hoops. I look to celebrity, fashion magazines for trends and research of investment staple jewelry pieces and gold hoops are here to stay.


Rings have always been my favourite jewelry piece to wear. I think it is important to have a good balance of chunky rings, and dainty rings. Some simple gold bands are great to wear on their own or layer with other dainty pieces or statement rings. I am definitely looking into investing more into these pieces for my brand!

I also adore unique jewelry, rings that have a simple timeless base with a bit of flair.

Sweet and Spicy Jewls. - to shop the whole collection

About My Brand

timeless jewelry for everyone, all moods & all styles

We stress the importance of affordability,having a price range for all. Fashion should be affordable, attainable and fun. It is a form of self expression, creativity and individuality. Our timeless pieces paired with our more unique pieces allow you to express your individuality and tell the world who you are. That is why we offer a wide range of styles and price points.

We want to empower you to stay young at heart, be strong, be outspoken, creative and live in your truth. Be you boo, be you!

We feel the most ourselves when we dress like ourselves, for ourselves and jewelry is always the cherry on top of a fire outfit.

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