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fall 2020 fashion trends

It is that time of the year! I have honestly been waiting for fall ever since summer started. Normally I love summer, this year I don't know if it was because of all the tornado warnings, heat warnings, being stuck inside because of heat and covid. I was not feeling summer 2020... probably like most. I did try my best to make the most of it even with all the craziness going on.

Anyways, lets get to it!

leaves changing colours and woman standing wearing sweater knee high boots

feather black necklace with diamonds dripping down

If you have followed my blog for a while you all know I do not care for trends. Trends come and go. Some trends are also unwearable. Fashion trends you see on the runways at Paris fashion week, New York fashion week are very hard to wear as day-to-day style.

That is why a lot of designers have ready to wear collections.

What is Ready To Wear- It is high end fashion, your favorite designers like Kate Spade, Coach, Prada all create a line that is more affordable and can be worn day to day.

When you read up on what the 2020 fall fashion trends will be it shows some crazy trends that you can not wear walking down the street. Well you could but people will probably give you looks haha... Also you will probably be uncomfortable because of the size and fit of the clothing. That is why there is ready to wear !

woman at pumpkin patch wearing jean jacket, leather pants and nike runners and kate spade bag

The photo above has all my favorites for fall . A good denim jacket can be paired with anything and is great for the chiller months. It is a great throw on to have for those nights it gets too cold. I have denim jackets in every denim wash from light blue to a black jean jacket.

These faux leather leggings are great! They make a outfit look chic instantly. They are also a must have for winter. In the winter I pair them with a longer sweater or turtleneck sweater.

Also, this Kate Spade bag is a great basic bag. I wear this bag with everything. The size of it is perfect, it fits so much and can transition from everyday style to evening.

2020 Fall Fashion Trends

Metallic, Sequins and Glitter - YAS ! Love this trend. Metallic clothing really elevates your outfit. It adds dimension because of the light it can reflect. Also really great to layer with fake fur coats. It is also about embellished fashion which is a trend that will go into winter 2020.

Capes - ughhh I live for a good cape moment! With a good hat yassss. It is just a great alternative to a coat.

Plaids- A fall classic. Would it really be fall without some plaid patterned fashion or some plaid fleece. Do not worry we can make this staple very fashion forward.

Everyday Lingerie - Another favorite of mine. This is wearing silk dresses, corsets with jeans and heels.

Ruffles - I feel like this is an ongoing trend which I like. It makes the look more chic. You can be wearing a great pair of jeans add a ruffled top and it makes it so chic and feminine.

woman in woods during fall wearing red hat and scarf. all black outfit and heels

Here are some great accessories that you can easily pair with anything to transform your outfit to a fall look. Hats are great for fall they look chic, can add a pop of colour- like my photo above. They can really make a look and an impact!

I always love scarfs. They help to add texture, dimension to your look. It also just makes you feel cozy and warm haha...

Other fashion trends for this fall:

Patch work, preppy school style, fringe - I can not lie personally not my favorite. I appreciate people who can make these trends work. On me though they are not the best looks. I can never pull them off. If they are your favorite trends let me know! And let me know how you style them!

DM on my Instagram -> ShyyShianne

or comment below let your girl know!

woman in fall setting wearing pink trench coat and pink bag

Trench Coats !!! for fall fashion in 2020 of course ! Trench coats are the best. I love my blush pink trench coat . It is a fun colour, not the normal black or tan trench coat - I do own trench coats in those colours as well. I paired it with these leopard slides to add some pattern. I kept the rest of the outfit simple, plain black OOTD! The trench coat and slides were the stars of the show.

Some of my favorite basics everyone needs in their closet for the fall season :

Mint Julep is such a great brand that has great quality, on trend and timeless fashion. All their pieces I find to be great quality and it can all transition from one season to the next. Definitely pieces you will have in your closet for a lifetime.

Shein I go to Shein for trendy pieces but also some basics. It is affordable trendy fashion. They have everything. If I have a vision of an outfit or a piece that I need to complete an outfit they have it. They have some great fall fashion that is on trend. Turtlenecks, knitted dresses, knitted crop tops. These are just some of my favorite finds from Shein :

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Muhammad Adesola
Muhammad Adesola
14 nov 2020

I love this

Me gusta

Ashley White
Ashley White
14 oct 2020

I'm loving fall fashion right now- after a long summer of t-shirts, I'm ready for sweaters!


<a href="">Le Stylo Rouge</a>

Me gusta

29 sept 2020

Loved all the fall outfits!! Those leopard print flats are soo cute!!


<a href="" > Seize your Style </a>

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Kathrine Eldridge
Kathrine Eldridge
23 sept 2020

Love all of these trends! I adore your looks especially the one with the hat. So chic!

Me gusta
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