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fall decor inspiration

I am huge fan of Christmas decorations, never for autumn. However, last year something happened to me haha... I went crazy buying fall decorations.

To me fall has always been so pretty, the trees, the weather, apple picking and layering fashion. I also enjoy my fall candles and a warm drink. It is just such a mood, a vibe. It is very fairy tailesk. Kinda like Christmas. So I do not know why it took me so long to get on board with decorating for autumn. Also, you would think because I am an interior decorator I would thrive during this time and live for this season.

fall home decor and candles

I really got into decorating and buying fall decorations because I used to work in front of a Michael's Craft store. They had such great home decor pieces. It gets addicting going in there! They have all my favorite thing: baking supplies, home decor, crafts and stationary ! Also everything is so pretty and cute - I am such a sucker for cute products.

I used to go to Michael's on my lunch breaks and walk around. I mainly went there on my lunch break because it was a really toxic workplace that I worked in and I did not want to spend my lunch there. So I would spend every lunch at Michael's, walking around. The staff probably thought I was crazy for coming everyday. That is so sad haha... I was like the loser kid at my workplace that always got picked on.

Anyways #StoryTimeWithShy is over back to fall decor inspiration.

Picking a Theme

I was going to go for a blush pink theme... surprise! It matches my bedroom decor. However, I feel like the traditional autumn colours- yellow, orange and off-white is so much more festive and prettier. I also feel like I would never get board of that colour scheme. If I am going to spend money on something I do not want to get board of it, or regret buying it in a year or so. I like longevity even in my home decor.

fall home decor 2020, candals , owls, pumpkins

I know there are so many ways to decorate for the fall season, some being:

Traditional Fall - orange, yellow, off-white, a very warm cozy atmosphere.

Blush Pink- which is girly, chic often mixed with gold, silver glitter and metalics.

Monochromatic - if it is black to white colour scheme or different shades of one specific colour.

All White and Green- this is very minimalist. With green leaves and white pumpkins.

Spooky - this is Halloween. October 31 scary decorations. Black and orange, witches and all the spooky goodness.

dog sitting on pink chair with fall home decor around her

Whatever your style is, go for it and have fun! I love decorating my space as the season changes. It brightens up the home, gives you something to look forward to and most importantly puts you in the festive mood!

My Fall Decor

My fall decor I mainly bought at Michael's. A lot of the products they no longer carry, I have linked similar products.

Decorating With...


Ceramic pumpkins! I love these its not your typical orange pumpkin. They come in all colours and designs to match any aesthetic. I love ones that are dual purpose- they provide storage.

Plastic Pumpkins

These are great, easy to paint and DIY to match your home decor. They are inexpensive and come in bulk to spread around your home. I love when people put them on there front porch, fireplace mantels and up the stairs.

Wreathes and Garland

Normally wreaths are super expensive... and I do not know why! However, I have sourced some really inexpensive ones. Wreaths and garland really help to fill the space. It is a great way to make your room more cozy.

Fall Candals

autumn decor, fall flowers, plants in gold tray

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