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fall fashion accessories

In a lot of my posts I talk a lot about fashion - clothing pieces but I have never really talked about accessories. For the longest time I would buy a lot of accessories that I loved or thought I would style ... and then I would never wear them out. I do not know why, I would hoard accessories but never wear them.

I think accessories are such an important part of your outfit. Took me a few years to realize that and actually wear the pieces I have collected over the years but better late then never!

micheal kors bag with fall decor and pastries


Why You Should Always Accessories

It elevates your look -

You can take a plain jean and t-shirt outfit and make it so much more by adding gold layered necklaces . Also adding a really great chunky scarf for fall is one of my favorite looks.

I also found it makes my outfit look more expensive. You look very put together and like your outfit should be on Pinterest haha..

You wont need to buy more clothes-

Okay so ... I realized that you can take the same outfit and make it look like a new outfit just by changing up your accessories. Pairing your outfit with different shoes, tights, statement earring etc...

I was always getting bored of my clothes. Thinking I had nothing to wear, then spending money on more clothes. When really all I needed to do was go through my closet and accessories and pair my clothing with different accessories.

What Accessories You Should Have In Your Collection!

Whatever damn accessories you want ! haha.. well whatever best suits your style of course. I do think there are some accessories worth splurging on and some that are not.

Splurge on -

Staple pieces like a good scarf, hat, earring that is neutral , you can take from fall into winter is worth spending a little more on. This is something you will get a lot of wear of, you want the quality to be good so it doesn't pile, tarnish overtime.

I also like gold layered necklaces. If you collect single pieces and just pair them together or if you buy them pre-layered - this is something that will never go out of style. You can also wear these pieces throughout spring, summer, fall into winter.

Save on -

Trendy pieces. There are some trends that never go away. However, over the years they get altered a little. The really trendy pieces like crazy patterns and prints I would not spend too much money on those pieces. Trends come and go, but the basics are always the best to invest in.

Accessions For Fall

These are the pieces that have latest in my collection for a long time. The pieces that have never gone out of style!

I love fall accessories the most! The layering, the patterns, the colours.


Red scarfs - I like a deep red scarf, it is such a fall colour.

Cheetah print scarf- such a fun way to add pattern to your ootd. It is also a pattern that can stand the test of time. Cheetah print is such a staple especially for fall. You always see influencers wearing the print in sweaters, skirts and scarfs.

Basics- A good chunky black, off-white, neutral scarf is a must. You can wear it in fall and winter. I love an infinite scarf too, it add layers to your look.

Patterned scarfs - I am not big on crazy, trendy patterns. Simple to me is great- like the white and black patterned one I have helps to add something more eye catching to an all black outfit. However an Alexander McQueen (inspired :P ) scarf is always fun, especially when you like to add a little edge to your look.

selfie of a woman in mirror


I own one hat. It is this red hat. I just do not feel like I can pull it off! I love it on other woman when they curl their hair it looks soo chic and they are so well put together! I clearly need to get on the hat thing haha.. They just really put a look together. I swear fall starts and woman start styling looks with hats and it really helps to style your outfit for fall.

fall outfit



Layered pieces so on trend, but I feel like they have always been! It is just now that they are really having there moment. It adds dimension to your outfit. Makes the look more elevated and can really transform a simple outfit to look like you put more effort in. Even though you just threw on some jewelry and called it a day haha...

fall handbags scarfs


I like a lot ! haha.. Stacking rings and mixing it up! I started mixing metals, layering them, I will even layer big statement rings which makes your outfit look so much more lush. There are so many good quality affordable rings, that can really tie a look together and are great for styling.


My favorite obsession. Handbags can be an investment depending on the brand and style. However, you can not go wrong with a good bag that will last you a like time. Obviosly you need a good black handbag - that will take you from season to season. I also like for fall a brown handbag it adds warmth to your look.

Mustard coloured handbag

everyone loves this bag of mine. It is such a good colour. Adds a pop to your look and easily pairs with any pattern

Maroon red handbag

this colour defines fall ! I do not wear this bag as much as I should. It is a Raplh Lauren bag that I bought at Winners. It was such a good price!! It so lux and is such a focal point of any outfit

Shoe, Booties, Knee High-boots

The definition of FALL! This is the first thing I bring out when the weather starts to change. It was not until last year that I really started to buy boots and booties. They are something you will have for majority of your life if you take care of them. They are also something that you wear most of the year, especially if you live in Canada.

I love my knee high suede boots. I love them so much that I bought the same pair in heels and flats. I did not even buy a different colour, same colour black just one with heels the other flats. They are perfect for wearing with a dress or leather leggings and a turtle neck.

Black leather booties are just a staple, they never go out of style, they pair perfectly with every look. I also bought a pair of suede booties which I got a lot of wear out of as well. They add texture to your fall outfit.

My favorite studded buckled booties! These I will forever be obsessed with they are so edgy and fun. They elevate your look, add so much detailing to a simple outfit. I will wear them with a entire black outfit and a leather jacket. They are a statement piece but also pair with a lot of different looks.

Brown booties. I love how bloggers style brown booties. I do not know why I feel like I can never style them right. However, such a must have for fall. It is still a neutral so it can work with any outfit you decide to wear.

fall boots

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Kathrine Eldridge
Kathrine Eldridge
21 oct. 2020

Accessories are so important! Love all of yours!


Jadiee Gosh
Jadiee Gosh
20 oct. 2020

omg I love this!your outfits are amazing

<a href="">JadieeGosh</a>


16 oct. 2020

Nice post!

Such an inspiration, i love how you style them :)




Carrie Albrecht
Carrie Albrecht
15 oct. 2020

That mustard bag is so cute!



Laura Bambrick
Laura Bambrick
15 oct. 2020

I love burgundy or maroon handbags in fall! It's such a beautiful color that pairs so well with those fall jewel tones! Love these ideas!

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