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How to Style Cardigans -Kendall Jenner Inspired

Cardigans are making a come back! With celebrities and models like Katie Holmes, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid rocking the look in an edgy way. 

I used to wear cardigans so much growing up. A few years ago I was cleaning out my closet and was about to donate these two cardigans that I am wearing in the photos below. My mum quickly stopped me and said keep them! They are basics and will always come back in style. I am so glad for once I listened to her haha... I barely ever listen to her advice even though sometimes she gives some great advice...just do not tell her I said that, I will not hear the end of it haha.. 

Money Saving Tip: 

Instead of hoarding these clothes in my closet, knowing I would not be wearing them for a while and instead of having them take up room I stored them in a bin. I bought plastic containers from the store took all my clothes that I loved, but knew I would not wear for a while and put them into the plastic bins and stored them in my basement. 

Now I know sometimes - out of sight, out of mind. However, I make it a point to go through that bin every once in a while. That is when I pulled out these cardigans! 

I also went through my moms closet too. She hand this basic black timeless under arm bag. I remember having a few of these growing up and now I am annoyed with myself for donating those! However, I took hers to complete the look. 

I did not intend for these looks to become a Celebrity Look For Less, but I realized the way I styled these cardigans resembled Kendall Jenner's style. 

Check Out My Celebrity Looks for Less: 

It is funny though because anytime I go shopping with this one particular friend, she is always picking out clothes for me. The first thing I always say when she shows me something that she want me to buy is " that looks like something Kendall Jenner would wear". She always says "ya because her style suits you, you would look amazing". Seems like her pushing Kendall Jenner's style on me finally worked!

The Black Cardigan 

I paired the basic black cardigan with my favorite ripped jeans . I think it helps to make the look a little for edgy. I also wore my favorite basic black heels. these just go with everything! Definitely a staple in my closet. For Accessories I kept it simple with basic bangles and a diamond bracelet just for a little glam. Now for the bag! I was 100% sure the under arm bag would never come back in style but here we are. I borrowed my moms bag to complete the look. 

The White Cardigan  

This cardigan is a little more form fitting then the black. I paired it with these jeans, they have great detailing on the legs.The white strip going up the legs ties in perfectly with the colour of the cardigan and makes the look a little more sporty. Some nude heels  and a white bag with a chic strap make the look more elegant. 

Style Tip 

I love love to mix styles. I do not think your need to look classy all the time, or girly all the time. You can look edgy and chic or elegant yet sporty. To me there are not rules in fashion, fashion is art and there are no rules in art! 

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My Celebrity Look for Less Inspiration -Kendall Jenner

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Kathrine Eldridge
Kathrine Eldridge
01 февр. 2020 г.

Love your recreated looks and it's such a great idea to store clothes and then pull them back out later. Like brand new!

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