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my birthday outfit

This was a fun look, I was planning on dressing in pink and being all cute yada yada..

But this look just felt right for me. When I was younger I was a tom boy who dressed in pink and had my hair covering my eyes. You could say I was a tom boy, girly girl with a Gothic side .

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As I grew up I defiantly had isolated phases of all those styles. I had a completely tom boy phase sweat pants, riding on the back of motorcycles, loved jet skies and I would do some dumb daredevil stuff. I still love doing all that stuff by the way. I would play sports too which I also still love very much.

Then the girly girl phase came along. Gossip Girl was really big during this time in my life, so of course I went out and bought a bunch of headbands. Despite my personality being more Serena Vanderwoodsen, my dating life was more like Blair Waldorf. My style was the combination of the two, minus all the expensive luxury labels. My life was nothing like theirs, minus the fact that I loved a bad boy- just like Blair Waldorf...still kinda do, it's a hard habit to break so give me a break...

Anyways, that is were my obsession of handbags grew and inevitability so did my closet.

The Gothic phase. This was a fun one for my mom, especially when I buzzed of the side of my hair in the washroom one night. My Gothic style had some glam to it. I wore a lot of skulls, I had my buzzed hair and always always had black nail polish on. This was in high school and I never wore makeup then so thankfully there was no black eyeliner, I was tempted though. This was during my last year of high school. Prom came around and my prom date asked me not to re-buzz the side of my head, otherwise he would come to prom in a neon suit. I hate neon, so I let my hair grow out. Its funny because I do not like it when people tell me what to do in terms of style, I have my own weird style and I love it  but honestly it was the best thing I could of done.

Now my style is a happy mix of all these : tom boy, girly girl and Gothic. My personality is also strangely a good mix of all those haha...

So here is the look:

To Buy Click :

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Mar 11, 2020

Happy Belated Birthday! Love your skirt.

Loren |

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