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my hair care routine

I never thought I would be writing a post on hair care. When I was younger I would not let my mum even comb my hair, hell I barely comb it now!

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I was not a girly girl growing up so I never cared to take care of my hair. It was my last thought. I used to wash it, get it cut maybe twice a year.

As I got older I realized the importance of hair care. Not only do you look good, put together when your hair is healthy but you also feel better, more confident.

* I added direct links to the products I use, just click the product to shop :) *

My Hair Care Routine

Let me start by saying I am not strict with my hair care routine. If I feel like doing it I will, I am pretty lazy when it comes to self care haha..

I also try to stick to all natural products that are easy to find and affordable.

Hair Masks?

I do not use hair masks, however I do use almond oil. I do this maybe every 2 weeks. I put almond oil in my hair from roots to end. Typically sleeping in it would be better, but I usually try to leave it in for a few hours. Then I will wash it out, apply light shampoo and conditioner.


I only wash my hair once a week. I used to be able to go 2 weeks without washing it! And it would never get greasy. I used to get so many compliments when I went 2 weeks without washing it. People would always tell me it looked so healthy, shiny.

Now, I only wash it once a week. You can train your hair to go a week without wash. I know that sounds weird to train your hair but you can! It allows the natural oils to work their magic!

There is honestly no specific brand I use, which is crazy. I should try to find one great brand to stick to. However, my mum always gives me natural shampoo brands so I stick to what she buys me haha...

As for hair cuts, I now go at least 3-4 times a year. I typically ask for a dusting if I want to keep the length. That is the key word ladies!! ---DUSTING. If I feel I need a proper cut I will get an inch cut off to get rid of those dead ends.

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Air Dry Your Hair

Always! I feel heat tends to dry out my hair and give me more dandruff. Also, pat your hair dry, do not pull or shack your hair dry with the towel.

Styling Your Hair

The only time I do use heat on my hair is when I am straightening it. I never realized how much a heat protectant spray would benefit my hair but it does. I feel like it does help to prevent split ends and my hair looking fried.

After Styling

This is a product I have been using for a few years now. I also will use coconut oil on the ends of my hair. I use it on the ends because our scalp does produce a lot of oil, at least mine does. This helps to make those ends look healthy, and shiny as well.

No elastics, Scrunchies only

Elastic pull your hair, scrunchies as we all know do not. I love my scrunchies, I hoard them haha... They also look cuter on your wrist then a elastic.

These are the ones I have from Amazon -

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Jelena Dimić
Jelena Dimić

You are absolutely right about the scrunchies! I don't know why I haven't invested in them until now, good reminder for me to change that already! My staples of hair care are small amounts of hair oils that provide my hair with a luscious shine and nutrition and also a heat protection spray before styling it, I swear by those! <3


Awe thanks for sharing ! I totally agree I forgot about scrunchies for a while but now I always have one on my wrist or in my bag ! They are Soo fun and cute and a staple :)

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