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Running a Small Business! + Sweet & Spicy Spring Collection!

OHHH lordyyy lordyyy haha...

A lot has gone on in the past few months, one thing was launching Sweet & Spicy Jewls.

My first blog post introducing the brand, and collection ->> Sweet & Spicy

This is something that was an idea for years, but I never gave much thought to it. I did not think logistic, I just thought that would be something fun, creative for me to do. I finally decided to go for it, without a plan, without a business plan.

I know that is business 101, to have a business plan. However, the best things that I have done have always been created or done without a plan. Just like this blog, my Instagram

( ShyyShianne )or even getting Lola. It was all done without a plan, I just went for it and figured it out as I went.

This is really funny, and out of character for me because I love organization, I love to have a plan and I love to know how to achieve it. Sometimes you just have to go for it!

Don't get me wrong, I did do my research on materials, yada yada... I just did not give myself the time to be doubtful.

I was also in the mindset of this is a small business, you have a lot of competition, you probably won't get a sale for months! On the first day I launched I got a sale! - It was from a friend but still, that support put such a big smile on my face!

Then the second, third-order came through, those were from people who I did not know. That I was super excited about too! It was an accomplishment that people I do not know are supporting my small business, that people I do not know are liking, loving my jewelry line enough to buy the pieces! Also, when I get to ship my jewelry to places like Vancouver and Ottawa that are not local I find that also equally as cool!

I also got my first review :

customer review

It is important to celebrate the small wins and the big ones too!

It is not easy, it is not always consistent, I am not getting a lot of sales or daily sales. However, it is important for you as a small business to stay consistent, hopeful, and believe in what you are doing! That will come across and you will start to see results!

Anywayyyyyysssssss..... Now let's talk the SPRING COLLECTION


gold rings with purple bag

This is something everyone has been requesting! More thicker, chunkier gold rings!

So I tried to deliver that! There are some classic pieces that you can stick with any ring, and also some statement rings that you can wear on their own or with other rings.

SHOP --->>>>


summer jewelry

Very spring, summer insipired gold plated pendants. These are pieces that will be great to layer with your existing collection of necklaces or even wear on their own.

Also, the evil eye - I think an evil eye piece of jewelry is something everyone needs in their jewelry collection. This one I am in love with the detailing in the pendant!

SHOP -->>>


earrings, hoop earrings statment earrings

All the earrings in my collection! I wanted to create a few staple pieces - gold hoop earrings. They are great to transition from day to night, they are great if you are going out for coffee, to work, or to an event.

I also wanted some fun, beautiful statement earrings. Earrings that you can wear when you want to look put together but for when you can not be bothered to wear too much jewelry. We all have those days haha..

All these pieces are also lightweight, so you will not feel them pulling down your earlobes. That is one reason I stopped wearing earrings because I hated that my ears would hurt after a day of wearing them. These all will not do that! Trust me I have tested them all!

SHOP -->>>

CHAINS and More ....

gold chains, gold hoop earrings and chain rings

gold chains and rings

I also released some more streetwear-inspired pieces. Gold rope chains, gold herringbone chains with opal detailing. Pieces that again are staples, timeless, that you will have in your collection forever because they will always be in style.



layered gold necklaces

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