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spring fashion trends

Spring is here! Kinda, sort of... I live in a area where the weather is crazy during this time. It is snowing one day then hot the next. During this time I still like to layer my clothes because a girl is not trying to get sick. I had a little sore throat one day and I was so paranoid - despite not being in contact with anyone. I am pretty sure it was just because I ate something spicy.

During this time everyone is at home, so no one is out and about showing off their cute spring looks. Which sucks because I bought some really cute pieces for spring. My style is evolving so I am so excited to wear cute outfits out! However for now I am wearing these outfits only to sit in my backyard, to take the garbage out or to get the mail. It is what it is though, it is that self - isolation, quarantine life.

At least we are all safe at home.

* Shoppable photos at the bottom of the each trend :) - so you can get the look!

Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Some of these trends are the same as 2019 spring trends. Which is great because if you have any trendy pieces from last year you can still wear them this year.


-polka dots


-hot pants - shorts

-tiers - layered fabric

-business - blazers, dress pants

-crochet - dresses, cardigans etc...

How I Wear Trends

I pick and choose what trends I like. I also look at if these trends will continue throughout the year or come back into style. I do not like wasting my money on clothing that is to trendy. I like clothing that will last me throughout the years.

I never get too excited about trends because I like to have a little bit of everything in my wardrobe. My favorite trends for this spring is : neon's, polka dots, leather and hot pants.

All of those are things that will always be in style because they are not too trendy. Also, I do not have any of them in my wardrobe. Except for a neon top I bought last year that I am obsessed with.

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My Spring Fashion


The girl who only wears black, loves neon's. I went from 0 to 100 real quick. Neon's were in style last year as well. I am glad they are still in style so I can still wear some of my neon items from last year. I also bought neon shoes this year, which I am in love with.

fashion 2020

neon high heels and boyfriend jeans

polka dots

My new favorite top! It is so feminine with the rouche fabric in the front and a little bit of a puffed shoulder. I love wearing theses with shorts - as you will see below, but also with jeans.

polka dot tops


I needed a leather skirt in my life! I think they are so edgy and chic. They elevate a look so easily. Leather skirts also transition great into the fall season.The zipper detail and the slit in the front makes it edgy.

fashion blogger

hot pants

I mixed the three trends - polka dots, leather and hot pants. This is the cutest outfit I own. The leather hot pants are a pastel blue, with a big belt buckle that matches the leather and pastel blue of the leather shorts. I think it is just a cute, girly on trend look. I also paired it with my pearl amazon hair clips.

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It is such a great value , 20 pack of assorted hair clips for $13.99!

girly style

toronto bloggers

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May 14, 2020

Wow! How lovely! Charming outfits!

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