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2 year blogging anniversary

A lot can happen in a year - the good and the bad! A lot of memories and a lot of lesions.

Also, a lot of personal setbacks, that can sometimes mean you need to take a break. A break to realine, refocus, and then get back up and go get it, babe!

Lets Talk...

1) What I have learned -Collabs with Companies

2)Content and Context is King ... STILL

3)Take a Break, and Remember why you love your Passion

4)Not Reaching My Goal

woman holding balloons at party

1) What I have learned -Collabs with Companies

I look at other bloggers, and influencers and wonder how they get so many collabs, every month. I forget to realize how many collabs I turn down!

I am a lot more selective with what I promote. I always want to be true to myself, what I love, regardless is that means less gifted items.

I also want to do more Paid For Ads! - Content takes a while to create, plan, edit, plan the outfit, the caption, then engagement, etc... It is just the natural next step to do more Paid for Ads. I am working putting time into creating content for a company so I should get paid!

Ask for extensions! OHH MY GOSH... So I got this advice from In The Frow the stunning queen Victoria said if you are not happy with your content, ask for an extension. Obviously, explain that the lighting, weather, etc... Is not on your side and you want the photos perfect. I did one collaboration for an Amazing company and I wish I would have asked for an extension! The content was not my best...

Going forward, on my recent collaboration I asked for an extension. I wanted outdoor photos, it was raining all week. The brand was so understanding. I submitted the photos being 100% happy with the content I created.

2)Content and Context is King ... STILL

The old blogger, influencer saying: "Content and Context is King". People follow you for great content. The content being the photos, the way you edit, your feed aesthetic, your style, home decor, all the prettiness of the photos you post.

They also follow you because of context! Context is so important. That caption, the videos you post, the messages you put out there, how you showcase your personality!

This is what gets people to engage with you and your account. It makes you more relatable, and approachable.

I have made so many great Instagram friends, had so many amazing conversations, and received so many sweet messages from all of you! You always mention my content and personality!

By the way, YES I keep all your sweet messages!

woman holding balloons at party

3)Take a Break, and Remember why you love your Passion

Sometimes we do not have the same energy about creating content, typing up that post that is when you need a break. Inspiration comes and goes, I have been there. Take a break, go out by yourself, with friends, take time for yourself! If you truly love what you do, after that break you will be ready to jump back in. It is like an actual job, sometimes you need to take your 2-week vacation.

Inspiration is everywhere if you just live in the moment and enjoy the present.

4)Not Reaching My Goal

I wanted to reach 10,000 followers last year on my 1 year blogging anniversary for my Instagram account. That did not happen and I was so upset. I worked so hard, the algorithm just kept changing and it is so hard to keep up. Especially when it does not favor nano or micro-influencers.

FYI ... I do not really consider myself an "influencer" .. I do not know why, lol I just don't.

I had to really take in that I had accomplished so much in 1 year! That for most people and Influencers that I spoke to it took them 4 years to hit 10,000 and over in followers.

I have learned to not be so hard on myself. Enjoy the process and know I am doing my best! The results will come with consistency.

If you are a blogger, creator and have any advice let me know in the comments I would LOVE to hear from all of you !

My Favorites:

the green dress that everyone loveeesssss Is linked above

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