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how to get more followers on Pinterest

I finally figured out how to get more followers and more views on Pinterest. This is the easiest, fastest way to get more followers and views on your Pinterest page! I discovered this by simply playing around with my Pinterest. I have read articles in the past about how to gain followers and it was way to complicated and seemed to take up too much time. I focus most of my attention on my blog and my Instagram.

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I started out with 1,000 monthly views and within two days that jumped to 17,000 views!

Now after 3 weeks I have 27k ( I am posting a little less at this point)

dog and woman on sofa with coffee and laptop

dog and woman laying on sofa

I wish I took screenshots of the entire process but I did not know I would see such crazy results by doing the least amount of work.One of my Pinterest videos hit 5,000 views in less than a day!

I know a lot of people are more Instagram focused but Pinterest is also an amazing tool to gain exposure to your Instagram and blog.

If you do not follow me on Pinterest check me out -> ShyyShianne

In this post I am going to outline

Why you should be using Pinterest to help your social media growth

How to gain more followers and views- in the simplest way!

What posts perform the best

My stats and a walk through of them- To the bottom of the post

I am keeping this soooo easy because it really is! I am honestly so amazed by how fast the growth was. Anyways lets get into it!

Why you should be using Pinterest to help your social media growth

Pinterest is an amazing source ! Your content has more longevity there. This is because people can save your pin and they can keep going back to it when they need it.

Anytime you post on Instagram or a new blog post pin it! And make sure to add the link. This opens up your social media to a bunch of more followers who will click on that photo which will lead them to whatever your link is.

People use Pinterest to go past a photo. For products, for DIY, for blogs and articles, recipes, how to's. You have to know the app and why it is created. It is not just for home decor inspo boards. People use the app for additional information. Information that your blog can provide like recipes or product reviews and DIY's !

Also pins are shareable. From my own experience my cousin made these amazing chocolate chip cookies. I asked her for the recipe which she found on Pinterest. She sent me the pin which lead me to the persons recipe on their blog. I then pinneded the recipe to my board. Do you see the reason behind why you should be using this app to gain more exposure to your blog!

How to gain more followers and views- in the simplest way!

Pin a lot and Pin often! I thought you get more views to your page by engagement- meaning by commenting on peoples photos. NO, that is a waste of time! It is not the same as Instagram. Not all apps are the same so again you have to know what the app is and what people use it for!

When to post to Pinterest:

I stopped commenting on the app and just pinned a lot of photos. I would say I pinned at least 6 photos a day. I know a lot of people say that there are specific hours that more people are on the app. It is usually Saturday and Sunday. In the beginning I was keeping that in mind. However, I started to stop and would just post in the morning and the afternoon around dinner time. This is also such an easy time for you! In the morning before your day starts and in the afternoon when most people are generally on their phone.

Captions and Keywords to use:

Unlike your blog keywords I have learned are not that important. Yes the app does pull those keywords to categorize your pin BUT I do not think you need to overthink it as you would do with your blog.

There has been some days when I am too busy to write a caption with keyword so I just post the photo and edit it later to add the keywords.

Keyword are: basically words to describe your post that people are more likely to search for.

Keyword examples are: fashion, beauty favorites, DIY'S, easy DIY'S, fashion tips,

What posts perform the best

I have learned that videos perform the best! When I posted at least one video a day that really helped. Videos are way more interactive then a photo. Videos mean the person also spends more time on that post. That will increase your engagement !

Unlike photos which are more easy to scroll past, videos capture your attention.

You can link these videos to your YouTube page or Instagram.

My Pin hitting 5,000 views NOTE it was a video ->


Photos that perform well have a great aesthetic - clear, bright photos that grab your attention.

I know you always see photo collages, photos with writing over it etc... Photos edited by those apps like Canva. This is a app I use to make collages. It is super easy and fast to use. However, lately I have not been making Pinterest focused collages. I have just been posting photos. It is a time saver but once in a while I will post a photo that I call a Pinterest focused photo there is an example below, because clearly my explanation of that is really bad haha.. ->

Now the walk through of my Stats !


So I started out with 1,000 followers and that was when I posted once a day. When I started posting 6 times a day after 2 days it jumped !


I know it says the last 30 days but see where that flat line jumps that was due to the 2 days of me posting more. The thing is it is super quick to post 6 times a day. I know some may think that is a lot but it takes only 5 minutes of your time to post that much.

On the fourth day I jumped to 19,000 viewers per month.

Let me know what tips and tricks you have!? Also if you try this my method out as to gain more Pinterest followers and views let me know how it goes?! I would love to hear your experience and how it works out for you guys:)

I am at 27k as of today!

pinterest stats how to get followers

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BlackpreneursRUs Tv
BlackpreneursRUs Tv
Apr 15, 2021

Thank You 💜


Natasha Evans
Natasha Evans
Aug 21, 2020

Really useful tips! I still haven't managed to master Pinterest though.

Tash -


Uzo O
Uzo O
Aug 19, 2020

Wow, these are amazing statistics. I have been on Pinterest for years now, and have never considered doing any of these. Thanks so much for the tips

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