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Alya Skin -pink clay mask review

I am just now at the age of 25 getting into having a skin care routine. I know that is so bad, I should of started sooner! However, the one thing I have always done since I was a teen was apply clay face masks. I am always on the hunt for a great clay face mask. So I was so thrilled when Alya Skin reached out to me about their Pink Clay Mask!

alya skin pink clay mask

My Personal Review

The Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask detoxifies and brightens your skin while tightening your pores. My pores are so bad! Especially on my nose, I have huge pores and blackheads and this product helps with that. I love this clay mask because it gets into your skin and helps with those stubborn blackheads, and believe me mine are stubborn.

You notice results instantly. My skin felt cleaner and smoother. Also, the pores on my nose along with my blackheads were so much better. I had no blackheads after the use of the mask. This is one of the reasons I love clay masks it gets in there and gets all the pollutants and gunk out of your pores.

Something I look for in products now, especially since I got Lola is if a product is cruelty free. Alya Skin is cruelty free and vegan!

cruelty free beauty products

best clay face masks

How To Use

1. Open pores - I always open my pores before a mask. With a warm towel or putting my face over a bowl of hot water to let the steam open them.

2.Apply Alya Pink Clay Mask onto your skin.

3.Leave the mask on for 10 minutes.

4. Use a warm damp towel to remove the mask.

5.Apply moisturizer.


I read the benefits on the website and was defiantly intrigued. After using the product I am more than satisfied with the results. The Pink Clay Mask is now apart of my skin care routine because of the following:


Removes toxins from your skin. Helps to remove pigmentation clusters from your skin's surface, as well as stimulate regeneration of skin cells.


Reduces skin inflammation and assists in removing eczema and acne. Contains antioxidants that are amazing for your skins health. Tightens your pores and gives you smooth skin.


Provides anti-aging like effect and tones the skin. Speeds up the healing of pimples. Detoxifies your skin from all the nasty pollutants that come in contact with our skin, keeping it fresh and healthy.

They offer more than just the Pink Clay Mask. Check out their wide range of products: Alya Skin

@alyaskinaus is now available in all Winners and Marshall's Stores in Canada!

Link to Buy: Pink Clay Mask

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